Ubud Villas Rental by RED LOTUS Ubud is one of our services in Villa Management providing one-stop private villa rental in the green paradise of Ubud. We do have a list of luxurious well managed Ubud private villa ranging from 2 bedroom villa until 11 bedrooms private villa accommodation in Ubud for you to choose during your vacation in Ubud, Bali.

Our all well managed private villas offer you the comfort of luxury, nature’s beauty, privacy, and the personalized services of our friendly staff. Upon check-in, you will be greeted by the warm smiles of our team, including the butler who will be ready to assist you during your stay at the villa. All of them are now becoming your family, and they will treat you like the family.

Pamper yourselves in our luxurious accommodations while experiencing the nights amongst rice paddies and unique vibrant of the culture in the heart of Bali’s touristic spot for about 45 km from the city of Denpasar. Our villas located not so far from Central Ubud which you can have most of the events, doing some souvenir shopping, enjoying Balinese Food or healthy foods, registering in yoga class, or watching the cultural performance in Ubud. You also could even hold your events like a yoga retreat or having some barbecue dinner with your family in most of our villas. We do have a spacious garden in one of our villas to accommodate your needs.

All our villas are surrounded by the alluring fresh greenish view of paddy fields, a natural touch that Ubud is already known. You could also enjoy an outstanding varied form of Ubud’s art from enchanting painting, majestic sculptures, magnificent and the beauty of Balinese dances and the fabulous architecture of Ubud Kingdom, and completed by the culture of Ubud’s local community will make your every single day a one to remember.

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