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A Private Villas Rental in Ubud to Find Your Dream Villas


Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property and Management is one of our services in Villa Management provides one-stop private and luxury villa rental in the green paradise of Ubud. We have a list of luxurious well-managed private villas in the Ubud and Saba area. It’s range from 2 bedroom villas to 11 bedrooms. These private villas in Ubud are your home to find comfort and peace during your vacation in Ubud Bali. 

All of our well-managed Private villas in Ubud and Saba with a private pool offer you comfort and luxury, natural beauty, privacy, and personal service from our friendly staff. Upon check-in, our team will greet you with a warm smile. The villa butlers are ready to assist you during your stay at the villa. All of them are now becoming your family, and they will treat you like their family.

Our Luxury villas Ubud are surrounded by the alluring fresh greenish view of paddy fields and natural touch that is identical to Ubud. Pamper yourselves in our luxury while enjoying the nights amongst rice paddies and the unique cultures. Hold events like a yoga retreat or barbecue dinner with your family in most of our villas . We do have a spacious garden in one of our villas to accommodate your needs. 

Our villas are about 45 km from Denpasar city. These best Ubud villas with a private pool are not so far from Ubud Center. Therefore, you can shop, enjoy Balinese food or healthy foods, join a yoga class, or watch the cultural performance in Ubud with ease. Also, you can enjoy the other outstanding Ubud arts like enchanting paintings, majestic sculptures, the fabulous architecture of Ubud Kingdoms. All of them will make your day a one to remember.

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