9 Wellness Retreat Ideas To Do

March 16, 2021

Already heard about the benefit of a retreat  and want to try it but not sure what activities you should do on your retreat? Searching and worrying no more. Here we have compile wellness retreat ideas that may fit you. 

As retreat is taking you back to the basics of life, then these wellness retreat ideas are simple to do but have essentials impact for your wellness both physically and mentally. Need to remember that these retreat  ideas are closely related to retreat type you choose. Whether you go on a retreat alone, with friends or family, these wellness retreat can be realized. 

Retreat activities - meditation Photo source: Dingzeyu Li

1. Meditation

The most popular retreat activity is meditation. When you meditate you will try to ignore everything in your mind and focus yourself to regulate your breathing and listen to the natural sound. This retreat activity will calm your mind and soul. It helps you to lessen your burdens and refresh your body. 

Yoga is one of retreat activitis Photo source: Rawan Yasser

2. Yoga

A retreat activity that is closely related to meditation. Yoga is good for you to exercise your body and refresh your mind at the same time. In Yoga activity, you will also regulate your breathing while exercising your body. By doing yoga activity, you try to make balance between your physical and mental health. 

Retreat activities - Healing spa Photo source: Engin Akyurt

3. Healing Spa

Healing spa is another activity that you can do on your retreat. When you stay in a retreat villa Ubud by Ubud Villas Rental, you just need to lay down, calm down, and enjoy the healing massage. The healing massage is good to recharge your energy and make your body healthier. 

Exploring nature Photo source: I Made Krisna Udiana

4. Exploring Nature

If you are a nature enthusiast, exploring nature will calm your mind and soul. Get in touch with the green nature, get the fresh air every time you inhale, and enjoy the birdsong. There are several ways to explore nature those are hiking mountains, trekking, and camping. 

Reconnect with God Photo source: Priscilla Du Preez

5. Reconnect with God

Retreat is a good chance to get closer to the Almighty God. Then spend some of your time reconnecting with God each day. Praying fervently in the tranquil place where you stay during your retreat. 

Just focus on reconnecting yourself with God without thinking of your works or anything else.  Get the feeling of serenity, lighty, and less worry.

et in touch with people like-minded Photo source: Levi Guzman

6. Get in touch with people like-minded

Getting in touch with people around is highly recommended to do both with strangers or people who go along with you. If you love meeting new people, making a conversation with people you don’t know yet should make you happy and give you new energies. You may get a new perspective on how you see life that makes you be more grateful to even become better. You can find these people around your environment. 

If you’re fond of communicating with new people, make warm conversations with your friends or family who go along with you will be good for you. Enjoy the quality time. It maintains a warm relationship between your family and you. It tightens your relationship. 

Strolling around Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

7. Strolling around

When you do a retreat, strolling around your retreat place is another thing that you shouldn’t miss. Enjoy the retreat by walking around in your environment after doing the other retreat activities like yoga, meditation, and a healing spa massage. 

Sun bath in the morning Photo source: Jude Beck

8. Sun yourself

The most simple thing that you can do after waking up in the morning is sunning yourself under the bright orange-blue sky with the touch of sunshine. Exposing yourself under the morning sun has so many benefits for your physical health and makes you be more energetic. 

Write a note Photo source: Alvaro Serrano

9. Journaling  

When you’re healthier already, your body, soul, and mind are fresh and calm. It’s the right time to evaluate yourself. What is your weakness, strength, what you have and haven’t done. Write it down on your notebook. 

If you aren’t sure what your goal is, think about it. Once you find it, write it down. Then move to the next that defines your vision and mission. Think about it slowly and carefully. This note will help you to know what you should do next when you come back to your house. It also can help you to be a better version of yourself. 

Those are several wellness retreat ideas that you can do. You don’t have to choose one of them, instead you can choose some of them and combine it to get the maximum results. Anyway, it will also affect what you need to pack for your retreat.

No matter which retreat ideas you choose, staying in a tranquil villa amid the green lushes and providing everything you need for your retreat is always the right answer. That’s what Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property gives you.