Epic Quarantine Anniversary Ideas

May 11, 2020

Epic Quarantine Anniversary Ideas Photo source: Jonathan Borba

Self-quarantine might make some people depressed as they can’t go out, can’t meet friends, family, and their beloved one. Especially those who have a special day to celebrate with a particular person such as a couple of anniversaries. Some of you might be wondering how to celebrate it and make it memorable? Is it possible to celebrate it? Of course, there is always a possibility in any situation. These are some epic quarantine anniversary ideas that may help you to celebrate your special day. 


Quarantine Anniversary Ideas - Dinner at home Photo source: Kaboompics.com

Romantic Dinner at Home

This pandemic is not the end of everything. Even though it kills your plans, you still can set another one. Don’t be sad if you can’t go out and have dinner with your beloved ones at a fancy restaurant as you used to do, or maybe this is your first anniversary, so you want to make it memorable? There are many ways to go to Rome, the proverbs said. It is real. 

Set a romantic dinner at home both for you who live together and live apart during this pandemic. Realize this first quarantine anniversary idea by preparing everything by yourself for your special day is a great thing to do. For you who live together, cooking your favorite meals with your spouse for dinner is merely romantic. If you are won’t do this for any reason, you can make an order for the delivery of your favorite meals in your favorite restaurant. You can set this romantic dinner as a fancy one, both indoor and outdoor. For an outdoor romantic dinner, you can set it in your backyard. Enjoy your yummy meals, staring at the stars, deep talking with your spouse while enjoying the wind.

If you live apart, it doesn’t mean you can’t do this. It’s always possible to do this. Cook your favorite meals at the same time alone. To make it more fun, do a video call at the same time so you can see how each other cooks. Try to make it like a cooking contest with your sweetheart. Another alternative is sending meals and gifts to each other. Set a romantic table for dinner, dress well, then make a video call and start your dinner. Having an in-depth talk is essential to do to know each other more than before. Talk about everything you both have been through, how far you’ve gone, and what are your relationship goals for the next?


Watching netflix Photo source: Freestocks.org

Watching Movies on Netflix

Have you planned to do a romantic movie date on your anniversary day, but the pandemic ruins it? Stay calm, Netflix has the solution for you. You and your sweetheart can watch your favorite movies together on Netflix. Choose your favorite movie, plan what time to see it. This quarantine anniversary idea won’t disappoint you as you can watch your favorite movie and make a video call at the same time. Watching, talking, or even making jokes with your sweetheart sounds good to do. Don’t forget to buy some popcorn or other meals and drinks for your special day. 

But, if you live together during this pandemic, you can make it more romantic and private. Watch your favorite movie in your room with your spouse, just the two of you. Watching a movie at home on Netflix is even better than going to a movie theater as you can spend your special day only with your beloved one without other people, without a time limit, and it is cheaper to do but still memorable. So you can watch more than one movie. Remember to do an in-depth talk with your spouse. 


Plan the second celebration after the pandemic Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

Plan the Second Celebration after the Pandemic

The last quarantine anniversary ideas that you can do if the anniversary celebration at home isn’t enough for you. As you can’t go out to visit your favorite restaurant or other favorite places to celebrate your special day, plan and set to do it with your sweetheart after the pandemic. Get your favorite dishes, watch your favorite movie at the cinema, and go on a vacation to your dream places on earth. Bali is always missing by people around the world, especially nowadays. If you do so, plan it right now. Start it by getting to know some places in Bali that are worth celebrating your anniversary. 

One of the most favorite places in Bali that is worth celebrating an anniversary is Ubud. It has lots of beautiful places. Take your mobile phone and check it on Google to see how beautiful Ubud is. If you want to make it a complete plan, try to find some villas that match you. Try to check it at Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property. There are so many villas around Ubud and Saba that you can choose based on your need and budget. 

On the other hand, if you want to go on vacation to some countries, it’s fantastic! Plan it and manage your budget from now, so you prepare it well. Make sure that Bali always is on your vacation list as you won’t regret it!