7 Unique Facts About Nyepi That Surprise You

March 18, 2020

Unique facts about Nyepi that surprise you

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Well known as Hinduism’s new year, the celebration of Nyepi is unique. Unlike other New Year’s celebrations which are mostly festive and Majestic, Nyepi is celebrated in silence and mostly in March every year. 

Nyepi comes from the word ‘sepi’ which means silent. The purpose of the Nyepi celebration is self-purification and universe-purification. That’s why during the Nyepi day, people in Bali stay at home, doing self-reflection, praying, contemplating and fasting. There are also some rules that must be followed by all people in Bali. 

Nyepi Day in Bali is really quiet, and you will literally hear the sound of wind and animal like dogs, birds, roosters, etc. Nyepi becomes a public holiday in Indonesia and it is the quietest day of the year in Bali. In this article, we have summarized some unique facts about Nyepi in Bali:

reducing emission of carbon dioxide on Nyepi day

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The Emission of Carbon Dioxide is reduced on Nyepi Day

This is might be one of the most surprising unique facts about Nyepi. During the Nyepi day, the emission of Carbon Dioxide is approximately reduced by 20.000 tons. Because there are some rules to follow such as people in Bali are forbidden to go outside known as Amati Lelungan and only local securities named Pecalang that allowed to go outside for patrolling.

People were also forbidden to work which is known as Amati Karya. All of the rules are valid for 24 hours, from 6.00 AM in the morning until 6.00 AM in the next day. That’s why no vehicle’s activities all day long on the road like bicycles, motorbikes, cars, planes, etc. By reducing the carbon dioxide it saves the planet from global warming.


unique facts about Nyepi saves 60% of electricity

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Bali saves 60% of electricity

The other rules of Nyepi Day are Amati Geni which means no light and fires. So people are forbidden to turn on their lamps and stoves. It makes Bali saves equal to 290 megawatts and worth approximately 4 billion Rupiah.

People usually stop cooking and doing other activities at 6 a.m and back to their activities the following day at 6 a.m. Another unique fact about Nyepi that may shock you is there will be no TV/radio broadcast and no internet connection all day long. Nyepi also has a rule that prohibits all forms of entertainment.


Unique facts about Nyepi saves fuel in Bali

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Nyepi Day help to save fuel in Bali

Another unique fact about Nyepi is it saves fuel up to 500.000 liters of diesel which is equivalent to IDR 3 billion. This has happened because the power plants in Pemaron and Gilimanuk are closed.


Unique facts about Nyepi inspires the world silent day

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Inspire The World Silent Day that set by the United Nations

World Silent Day was initiated by Triple- C, Collaboration for Climate Changes and officially set by the United Nations on March 21th. World Silent Day aims to decrease all human activities that bring bad impacts to the earth such as global warming or climate change. This World Silent Day was inspired by Nyepi day.


Unique facts about Nyepi omed-omedan festival

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Omed-omedan festival after the Nyepi Day

Omed-omedan is a ritual of hugging and tugging each other between two groups of unmarried young women and men. This ritual is held every year on the first day after Nyepi since the 17th century. Omed-omedan comes from the word ‘omed’ which means ‘tugging’.

The Omed-omedan festival starts by praying together, and then there will be a Barong Bangkung performance. After that, the youths are separated into two groups, women and men and lined up in the opposite place. All of the participants in every group are alternately chosen. The two groups then clash with each other and the two young people that are chosen then hug each other.When both of them already hug each other, each group will pull the youths apart that make the two young people might kiss each other. Then these youths will be doused with water during the Omed-omedan ritual to release both of them.

The purpose of this ritual is to maintain good relationships with society and chase bad luck away, but this ritual is misunderstood as a mass kissing ritual.


unique facts about Nyepi starry sky

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The sky is full of stars in the evening of Nyepi Day

As there is no pollution at all and the closure of the power plants during the Nyepi day caused the sky to be really clean. Hence, in the evening of Nyepi day, the sky is full of stars which make it look stunning and rare to be seen on daily basis.


Unique facts about Nyepi freshest air after Nyepi

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Bali’s Freshest air in the next morning

Because there is no pollution and human activities for 24 hours, it’s more like giving the earth to break for a while. Then, of course, you will feel the freshest air in the morning after the Nyepi day.

As well as its purpose to purify the universe, the Nyepi day has a huge contribution to saving the environment in this modern era, especially in Bali. Due to its uniqueness, instead of being avoided, many tourists want to come to Bali and experience the Nyepi day. If you have the same interest to experience the Nyepi day in Bali, you can stay at Villa Griya Aditi by Red Lotus Property.

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Why not have a holiday on Nyepi Day in Bali? Do you have other unique facts about Nyepi that we don’t mention here? If this is your first time experiencing Nyepi, here are our tips to experience Balinese New Year.