Christmas 2020: Safety Travel Tips

October 26, 2020

Currently Christmas 2020 is become one of favorite topics people talk about. You may have some questions in  mind like “Can I travel this Christmas? Is it safe to go? Where I should go?” Since countries start to reopen, people are eager to travel to find new circumstances, especially on special days like Christmas. But everything is changing nowadays due to the pandemic. Don’t you think so?

As our way of life is changing, the way people travel is shifting. People tend to look for safety ways to travel both domestic and international to keep themselves healthy. People become more selective preparing everything for their travel during Christmas 2020. These safety travel tips for Christmas 2020 will help you find ideas for those you are questioning in your mind. 


Christmas travel 2020 by going to a tranquil destinations

Photo source: Red Lotus Property

1. Choose Tranquil Destinations for Christmas 2020

Nowadays, safety and health should be your priority wherever you are. To keep yourself safe and healthy during traveling on Christmas 2020, choose a tranquil destination. Traveling to a restful destination will let you to practice maximum social distance with people around you. It also lets you enjoy the fresh air, feel comfortable and less worried. 

Villages are one of those peaceful destinations that you can choose. Most villages are close to nature, surrounded by green lashes, less pollution, and having a wide space which is good to maintain social distancing. To make sure that you are safe for Christmas 2020 travel, do a medical check up before you go, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer, and wear face masks. 

If Bali is on your mind, then Ubud village can be your choice. Ubud is identical for its stunning nature and amazing cultures. You may have heard that Ubud is a crowded place on the island. In the normal era, Ubud center is crowded enough, but it is different from the village either. Since the pandemic, the Ubud area has become much quieter. That’s why, this is the best moment to explore Ubud without being disturbed by other visitors.

2. Vacation Rentals For Christmas 2020

As you want to ensure your family and you are safe during your Christmas travel 2020, then try to make your circle become more private and reduce using shared facilities with other tourists. It is critical to decrease the spread of Coronavirus and makes you feel like home. Vacation rentals can help you to get all of those. 

Staying in a vacation rental is a trend that comes up after the outbreak of the virus. People around the world tend to choose it for their holiday as it gives them private facilities like private space, pool, and kitchen. A vacation rental also lets them do activities with their family in their space and less interact with foreign people. 

Moreover, don’t forget to choose vacation rentals with strict health protocols like spraying disinfectant frequently in their area, keeping their property clean, providing hand sanitizer, and checking the guests health on arrival. These are what Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property do to make sure that all of their properties are safe for their guests. They also make sure that their staff following the health protocols and practice social distancing

Following the health protocols is essential for them to ensure everyone is safe, both guests and the staff. Surrounded by beautiful nature, quiet places with competitive prices, and nearby natural tourist spots make it an excellent choice for those who want to stay around Ubud and Saba area.


Chrismas travel 2020 by doing a Road Trip

Photo source: Michael Skok

3. Road Trip 

Another travel trend that reappears these days is a road trip. Several people choose this way to travel as it gives them the private space along their way to the destinations and assure them that the vehicle they use is safe and less contaminated by foreign people. 

This way of travel is mostly used by those who travel near their hometown. But, it is also possible for you who prefer to travel abroad. Once you choose your vacation rental to stay during your holiday, ask them if they can provide you a car with a strict health protocol that you can use to reach destinations out there. These safety tips will make you feel comfortable and less worried of the spread of the virus. 

No matter wherever you go, follow the health protocols and double check that destinations you choose are safe for you is a must. It is not only keeping yourself safe, but also people around you. So, have you decided where you will travel in Christmas 2020? Which tips do you choose for your travel in Christmas 2020?