Villa Management

The flow of tourist to Bali is massive. All of them come to visit, and all of them definitely need places to stay. This leads to every single person having an idea of how to get cash out of this current flow. Everyone builds up e.g. cottages, houses, homestays, hotels, resorts and villas. They offer best services to keep up with the demand and to catch the cash out of the flow. However, some of them would be feeling exhausted to keep their places clean, tidy and ready to book while also looking after the marketing, sales and all related reservation services, and having too much work would also lead to some delays and imperfection in services itself due to the lack of focus, which can somewhat cause serious issues in marketing and sales. that’s the beginning of our villa management in Ubud,Bali. We offer the service of Villa Management for private villas in Ubud

We dedicate ourselves to be your loyal partners, acting as you in taking care and looking after the properties of yours. You would not need to put yourself keeping up with loads of work. You could take your time to sit back and relax while we do all the chores for you. Here are some points below what we could do and arrange for you once you trust us as your management company partner;

  1. We manage, supervise and monitor the maintenance of your properties making sure there is no leakage etc. all the villa facilities and buildings are in proper condition for rental, in addition we also keep the garden manicured and very well taken care of.

  2. We manage all the human resources, staff and all of their issues. It means that we pay attention to every staff working at your villa, making sure they get all the benefits they deserved to get and ensuring all the villa rules are being obeyed by them to meet the standard of the quality we offer to our guests.

  3. We manage the finance. We prepare and share report to you showing income and how the money has been spent to run all the operational needs.

  4. We manage the social issues that probably occur around the area. Social issue has been part of the journey especially to those villas situated in small traditional villages which ironically have remarkable and breathtaking scenery. There would be discussion going back and forth when there is an issue happening which requires management to speak, argue and clarify on behalf of the owners.

  5. We manage and arrange the reservation and sales. We act to deal with the flow of guest reservation both checking in and checking out as well as during their stay at the villa. We would make sure all the steps are smooth and guests upon their stay would feel totally satisfied to generate more positive reviews that lead us to more bookings and profits.

  6. We also manage the marketing of your villa as well. We would arrange meeting, discussion and other ways possible to brainstorm more and more ideas and strategies how we could deal with the development in marketing itself, how we can compete with others in selling and promoting our products. In nutshell, we do all it takes to support the selling of your properties, to promote and to publish your properties across the globe, inviting more people to stay and experience our products.

If you are interested to be part of Red Lotus Family and decide to take our management services, or having some more questions prior to taking further decisions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email to info@redlotusbaliproperty.com or phone us at +62 361 970980, Talk us for more Information ,our team would be ready to assist at any time.