Reasons Why Ubud is a Dream Wedding Destination

September 29, 2019

and higNow that you have found the love of your heart, it is time to find a beautiful place to celebrate your wedding. If you have not considered to have your dream wedding in a wedding villa in Ubud, then its the perfect time for you. 

There are several advantages to choose a villa in Ubud:

Dream Wedding in Ubud Honeymoon Decoration

  • Honeymoon Destination

Not only do you get to a wedding in a romantic place, but Ubud is also known as a honeymoon destination. You don’t have to worry about packing up and heading to your honeymoon after the wedding, you simply wake up to it. At Ubud Villa Rental by Red Lotus, we offer a list of hand-picked and high quality wedding villas. Most of our villas captures the magical and natural ambiance Bali is famous for. 

  • Romantic Ambience

Imagine if you have a wedding with a natural landscape in the background while saying your sacred vow. Where mountains, trees, and birds becoming witnesses for your wedding. Ubud is known for its natural landscape. Most of the wedding villas in Ubud are offering you magnificent view that you can enjoy during your stay here in Ubud.

Awesome Photo Spot When Having Dream Wedding in Ubud

  • Awesome PreWedding Photo Spot 

Ubud is a land of natural landscapes where you can take pictures with a variety of backdrops. Tropical forests, waterfalls, huge temples, and so much more. You may also already know about the world-famous rice paddies in Tegalalang or to the Batur Mountain. Having a wedding in Ubud means that you can get married on venue that you fancy. Rest assured, your wedding album will be phenomenal.

  •  Experienced Vendors 

You can keep your worry about who will help you organize your wedding. The staff here at Ubud Villas Rental are more than happy to help you arrange your wedding. Since you’re in Bali, you can try the local flower for your decoration. It’s also great to have local “rindik” music to living up your wedding. We will gladly fill your marriage with a touch of Balinese traditions for that extra charm.

Invite Private Circle While Wedding in A Villa in Ubud

  •  Cost savings 

Most of the time, people are surprised to find that the wedding in Ubud is not expensive compare than having a wedding in their countries. It might be true since the cost of living in Bali is not as high as in their country. Actually, it’s depend on your expectations, decorations, and your needs.

  • Private Inner Circle

If you want a private and intimate wedding with only your closest friends and family, choosing a villa for a wedding in Ubud will do the magic.

Our wedding villas at Ubud Villa Rentals are hand-picked. The stay quality of our guest is our top priority. And it is also our pleasure to plan your wedding the way you picture it. If you would like to have a dream wedding in Villa in Ubud and also might need a hand for the preparations and services, do not hesitate to contact us!