Romantic and Affordable Honeymoon Villa in Bali

July 27, 2020

You made your vow already. How about your post-wedding getaway? Have you figured it out? Are you looking for a romantic rest or a relaxing vacation during your post-wedding getaway? Or maybe an exciting adventure to explore with your beloved one? Bali is one of the most romantic getaways on earth, especially if you’re planning for a honeymoon villa in Bali.

The main reason a villa becomes the most favorite rest to spend your honeymoon is it keeps your privacy well. Keeping your privacy is critical, because it keeps you away from disturbance, and you can make the most of your quality-time with your loved one. It is the best solution if you want to have your personal space after enjoying the day out.

The other advantages of staying in a villa, it gives you luxury services and amenities like a private pool. Stunning views are other things that you can get in a villa.

Here we have compiled some honeymoon villas in Bali from the romantic one to the luxury one at affordable prices.


Sun rise at honeymoon villa in Bali Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Villa Bayad

A luxury private villa with a natural balance concept. Due to the natural balance concept, this private villa is surrounded by tropical gardens with many kinds of local fruit and flower trees, shrubs, ponds, and streams, which resemble Bali’s tropical nature. All the buildings are correctly facing the east side where the sun comes up and greets you in the morning. The sun smiles at you and boosts your mood.

Relaxing honeymoon villa in Bali Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Staying here won’t make you bored as the charming rice terraces, valleys, and lush tropical jungle will always coddle your eyes and heart. Therefore, this villa is suitable for a couple who wants to relax, refresh and merge with nature during their honeymoon. Feel more comfortable, make things memorable with the affordable price vila.

Uniquely, the design of this honeymoon villa in Bali combines the uniqueness of several areas in Bali, such as Klungkung, Ubud, Tenganan, and Singaraja. This perfect combination makes Villa Bayad an extraordinary charm of luxury and elegance. All the furniture and small details of this villa show and vibrate the energy, beauty, and colors in each of those regions making this villa worth considering for your honeymoon in Bali.


Villa Atas Awan Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Villa Atas Awan

A simple but elegant villa amid lush tropical jungle and fields. A Javanese Joglo villa style with a strong wooden accent that makes it merge into nature perfectly. The touch of Javanese architecture makes this villa not only elegant but also aesthetic. Besides being surrounded by green lushes, the building of this villa looks like a treehouse, which lets you enjoy the stunning views around the height.

Villa Atas Awan - Romantic villa for honeymoon Photo source: Red Lotus Property

As this honeymoon villa in Bali is away from the crowd, it fits to relax and escape from daily routine. The cold air temperature will fresh your mind and soul. Even though Villa Atas Awan is far from the crowd, it does not take a long time to reach the Ubud center.


Umah Shanti - villa for honeymoon Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Villa Umah Shanti

A splendid private villa with a home concept, which makes everyone who stays here feel homey. ‘Ummah’ means house, and ‘Shanti’ means peace and tranquility. This house of peace and tranquility is not only reflected in its name, but also its design, architecture, furniture, and environment. Located amid tropical green lushes makes this honeymoon villa in Bali look like a palace in a jungle.

A stunning pool with green and wide valley views makes this villa prettier and eye-catching. The pool’s water is bright, refreshing, and relaxing, equipped with the fresh tropical air. Exploring more in-depth into the Villa Umah Shanti area, each room has its color and appeal. Indonesian touches of various tribes, cultures, arts, and customs blend entirely even though the rooms are simple but still comfortable, luxurious, and classy.

Villa Umah Shanti Photo source: Red Lotus Property

That’s why Villa Umah Shanti is worth being considered as your honeymoon villa in Bali, as its staff also always be ready to assist you and prepare whatever your request is. It also has a butler that is your vacation advisor. Several activities can be arranged during your stays here like trekking, biking, painting, cooking class, and many more.

Honeymoon is a special moment that every couple shouldn’t miss. It is the right time to take off from your work and daily routine, visit new destinations, check into places that you won’t forget. Recharge your mind and soul after the hectic wedding party. Own the world, just two of you. Those honeymoon villas in Bali might help you find your perfect place to stay during your post-wedding getaway. Suppose you want to see more honeymoon villas in Bali, Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property ready to assist you in finding a villa that best suits you. Visit Ubud Villas Rental sites to see their other villas.