Trash Hero

May 28, 2019

Trash Hero in Bali

Our Heroes to the rapid growth of the tourism industry

Trash has been an issue for decades. Increasing demands on plastic-wrapped products such as snacks, drinks, etc have caused the manufacturers to produce plenty of plastic products alike to serve various purposes ranging from snack packaging to cans and plastic bottles. This underlying the ideas of `trash hero’.

Along with this increasing demand for products wrapped or using plastic for packaging and storage, more and more plastic and other non-recycled materials to be used and finally end up being thrown away carelessly. Therefore, governments all over the globe along with plenty of NGOs worldwide have been doing various activities and efforts to both cleaning up and educating the people about plastic, the way to use it wisely and the danger to come if we use it carelessly since it could directly affect the environment where we live as well.

trash hero

The Born of Trash Hero

In Bali, as we noticed, the faster the population grows as the direct effect of the rapid growth in tourism industry, the more fragile the environment could be due to the weak trash management that we have, but ironically this trash issue, if not being taken care seriously as soon as possible, would potentially threaten the tourism industry itself upon which we depend our lives. Bali, an island that relies on tourism for its economy and job market, is facing a monumental trash crisis, almost every day there are reports of marine life washed ashore with a belly full of trash. One Island One Voice, Bali’s campaign to clean up its beaches, finds trash absolutely everywhere. Most of the trash volunteers came across is non-biodegradable plastic, often just tossed from pedestrians or from vehicles. This situation has awakened some of us who have been in the industry for decades to be part of the heroes who do not only clean but most importantly educate the people about plastic and its effects towards the environment. This community is called the Trash Heroes  and we are proud to have one of our managers at Villa Rumah Lotus Ubud, I Made Lama to be part of this community and has actively engaged in various activities as well as involving other managers and management to take a part in this social movement for better life and clean environment.

trash hero

We are, the people of Ubud do understand how important the environment and surroundings are to the development and sustainability of the tourism industry from where we depend our lives upon and earn our living. Therefore, we would be happy to be part of this community to spread education to all layers of the society so that everyone would understand how to deal with the plastic issues wisely and not throwing it away carelessly.

trash hero
Let us move for a better life.

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