13 Luxury Villa Ubud for an Unforgettable Vacation For Every Budget

March 31, 2023

Traveling is an excellent way to discover new cultures and bring your soul closer to the wonders of life. People travel for plenty of reasons, including getting away from work, spending time with family, and celebrating an event. Because relaxation and stress relief are the most common reasons for vacations, why not pamper yourself in some of luxury villa Ubud?

Ubud has become a popular vacation destination for those looking for a luxurious and relaxing vacation. This town is famous for its green rice paddies, serene temples, and vibrant arts scene. The luxury villas Ubud are one of the main reasons why it is so popular for staycations. Here are some luxury villa Ubud That are worth staycation for your unforgettable moments.

Overview of The Best Luxury Villa Ubud

The best luxury villas in Ubud are upscale private accommodations with stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Most of the villa’s design and architecture is a blend of modern and traditional styles, offering guests spacious living areas, luxurious bedrooms, and open spaces such as private pools, gardens, or terraces.

Ubud’s finest luxury villas offer guests an exceptional and memorable holiday experience, distinguished by tailor-made services, opulent amenities, and an awe-inspiring natural environment. Activities such as yoga, trekking, cycling or cultural tourism are available to explore Balinese culture and the natural beauty of Bali.

Best Luxury Villa Ubud 

1. Villa Vastu: The Strong Spiritual Ambiance Of Ubud

Price Range: IDR 8.000.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 4 bedroom

Location: Br. Satung, Payangan (North Ubud)

Nestled in the picturesque sub-district of Ubud, Villa Vastu offers a blend of natural beauty and architectural elegance. The half-open design of the main building integrates with the gardens, creating a serene and refined atmosphere. It is used for living, dining, kitchen and staff area.

Villa Vastu is one of the luxury villa Ubud that is spiritually amazing mainly since it is away from the noise of residents. This villa was built in a colorful environment with strong spiritual scents. The gardens, which include fish ponds, lush lotus, and statues of Hindu deities, add to the villa’s tranquil atmosphere.

ubud villa vastu

2. Villa Atas Awan: Feel Truly Comfortable at The Javanese Joglo House

Price Range: IDR 6.000.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 7 bedroom

Location: Br. Kebek, Bukian, Payangan (North Ubud)

By Transforming two Javanese Joglo buildings into three-story buildings, Villa Atas Awan provides comfort and serenity for those who visit Ubud to relax and escape routines. It is also popular among yogis or those who want to learn deeper about yoga. This luxury villa Ubud was designed with a simple touch but looks modern and elegant. It is a comfortable and quiet place with lush tropical jungle and fields and small villages nearby.

This villa is designed to reduce the greenhouse effect and be environment-friendly. Only two rooms are equipped with air conditioners, while the other rooms only use fans. The villa is located at an altitude that has a cooler air temperature than the center of Ubud, making it cool and comfortable.

villa atas awan ubud

3. Villa Umah Shanti: Restore Balance to Your Mind, Soul, and Body 

Price Range: IDR 7.500.000++ / Night

Bedroom : 3 bedroom

Location : Gang Mawar, Jl. Rsi Markandya 2, Br. Sebali, Keliki, Tegallalang (North Ubud)

Every guest that stay In Villa Umah Shanti will absolutely feel peace and tranquility. This luxury villa Ubud is a private villa with a homey feeling and merges with the surrounding nature as well as provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere that is sure to soothe the senses.

Each room is a fusion of Indonesian touches with various tribes, cultures, arts, and customs. The rooms are simple in design but still comfortable, luxurious, and classy. In Addition they are equipped with a TV and an international channel, a spacious wardrobe, and a bathroom with both a shower and a bathtub.

villa umah shanti ubud

4. Villa Bodhi: Perfect Holiday With a Perfect Balinese Taste

Price Range: IDR 2.500.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 4 bedroom

Location: Br. Tiyingan, Bukian Payangan (North Ubud).

An ideal destination for a perfect Balinese vacation in Ubud is Villa Bodhi. It is close to the tradition and culture of Bali and is the perfect escape from the noise and hustle. It is a perfect choice for couples, friends, and families to have an unforgettable trip in an unforgettable place.

Villa Bodhi is a secluded villa located in the highlands of Ubud. It is built with a deep root of Bali on the edge of a jungle ravine. Each cottage is designed to ensure you enjoy the incredible view such as the jungle, line of mountains, and green garden view from your own private bathroom. Additionally, there is a swimming pool on the verge of a green valley where you can swim, read your book while savoring tropical sunlight, or adorn the clear starry sky at night.

ubud villa bodhi

5. Villa Bayad: Concept of Balancing People And Nature

Price Range: IDR 5.000.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 4 bedroom

Location: Br. Bayad, Payangan (North Ubud).

Villa Bayad Ubud is a luxurious private villa accommodation in Ubud that aims at achieving a balance of people and nature. One of the best luxury villa Ubud is designed to have a spacious tropical garden with various local fruit and flower trees, shrubs,

It has four bedrooms in two separate compounds and can sleep up to eight adults. When you enter the room, you will notice that Villa Bayad Ubud has much more to offer than just comfort. It has two infinity pools, a gym, a yoga bale, as well as two dining and kitchen areas.

ubud villa bayad

6. Villa Kelusa: True Definition of Being Magical

Price Range: IDR 4.500.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 4 bedroom

Location: Br. Ayah, Kelusa, Payangan (North Ubud).

Villa Kelusa is a private villa nestled on the edge of the Ubud tropical forest, offering unparalleled views of greeneries, fresh air, blue sky, and sunrise. It is located in a secluded area, 20 minutes from Ubud center, and provides guests with the true experiences of living in a paradise.

There are many Instagrammable spots to capture your happy moments, such as the swimming pool, rice fields, and sunrise. Villa Kelusa consists of 4 bedrooms, all of which use traditional Balinese design and cultural architecture.

ubud villa kelusa

7. Villa Awan Biru: Contemplates From Within The Soul

Price Range: IDR 2.190.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 6 bedroom

Location: Buahan, Payangan, Gianyar Regency, Bali 80572

Located in Payangan’s hills, this villa is encircled by rice paddies and a sweeping valley panorama is found in Ubud. Villa Awan Biru is an ideal combination for revitalizing the soul and mind, as well as offering respite from the weariness of everyday life.

If you’re planning a trip to Ubud and want to stay somewhere luxurious and private, look no further than this exquisite private villa. A stay at this villa promises to be a memorable experience, especially when shared with family and friends.

best luxury villa in ubud

8. Villa Jodoh: A Stunning Vacation Retreat

Price Range: IDR 1.900.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 1 bedroom

Location: Jl. Jukut Paku, Singakerta, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Surrounded by lush jungle and offering breathtaking views of the pool, furthermore this villa is the ultimate escape for those seeking the finest in relaxation and comfort. Villa Jodoh is an incredible vacation retreat in the heart of Ubud, Bali.

Villa Jodoh’s exterior is designed in the traditional Balinese style, with a beautiful wood wall and thatched roofs. The interior of this luxury villa Ubud, on the other hand, is modern and sophisticated, with a spacious bedroom and a luxurious bathroom.

villa jodoh ubud

9. Villa Amaru: A Tranquil Setting For Your Vacation

Price Range: IDR 13.000.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 4 bedroom

Location: Jl. Raya Sayan, Kedewatan, Kecamatan Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Providing panoramic views of Bali’s volcano range and terraced rice fields, Villa Amaru is one of a kind. Its architectural design is inspired by Arne Hasselquist’s “David Bowie House” in Mustique.

Villa Amaru is nestled in Sayan Ridge, providing a peaceful environment for your vacation. Moreover There are four rooms that make up Villa Amaru. Each one is a serene hideaway where you can escape the world.

villa amaru ubud

10. Villa Kembang Bali: Blend In Traditional Balinese And Modern Styles

Price Range: IDR 3.000.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 7 bedroom

Location: Br. Ayah, Kelusa, Payangan (North Ubud).

With 7 lavish bedrooms overlooking the beautiful mountain and vast valley views, Villa Kembang Bali was built for those who want to feel the real local essence. The combination of traditional Balinese and modern style make this place even more stunning.

In addition to facilities, staff, and services, guests staying at Villa Kembang Bali are also presented with a choice of activities they can do while staying at the Villa e.g. rice paddy trekking, cycling, cooking class, yoga, offering class, etc.

ubud villa kembang bali

11. Villa Rumah Lotus: Experience The Local Balinese Hospitality

Price Range: IDR 3.500.000++ / Night

Bedroom: 2 bedroom

Location: Br. Yeh Tengah, Desa Kelusa, Payangan (North Ubud).

Since Ubud is all about rice paddies, jungles, valleys, and mountains, staying at Villa Rumah Lotus would make you instantly feel that every single thing we do is just for you to enjoy. This luxury private villa is designed to have much of the nature coming into the house itself.

Villa Rumah Lotus is not just about rooms and lavish facilities. Upon staying at this luxury villa you would directly feel the wholehearted services, and the local Balinese hospitality that you experience while staying at this beautiful home.

ubud villa rumah lotus

12. Villa Keliki Luxury Lodge: Discover Bali’s Magnificent Natural Environment

Price Range: IDR 4.000.000++ /Night

Bedroom: 4 Lodge

Location : Jalan Sudamala. Banjar Pacung. Desa Keliki. Tegalallang. Gianyar. Bali. Indonesia

Keliki Luxury Lodge is a one-of-a-kind and timeless location 15 minutes from Ubud, where locals keep their traditions alive. In addition amidst rice fields and lush vegetation, this private luxury villa offers a serene hideaway

This luxury villa Ubud has an ideal location to discover Bali’s extraordinary natural environment. There are four bungalows with two terrace villas each with a private pool, in addition to a communal pool in the mezzanine dining area.

13. Villa Cemadik: Feel The Warmth of Balinese Culture

Price Range: IDR 3.000.000++ / Night

Bedroom : 3 bedrooms

Location: Br. Cemadik, Pejeng, Ubud.

Villa Cemadik Ubud is the perfect accommodation for you who are looking for authentic Balinese vacation. Then incorporating the simplicity and warmth of Balinese culture and local customs, Villa Cemadik offers a luxurious accommodation with a charming natural beauty

Villa Cemadik Ubud provides comfort and luxury of room accommodation in Balinese nuances. The staff will assist guests and make sure all areas are clean. Rooms are neatly arranged, and guests can explore the area around the villa by contacting their butler.

villa cemadik from front door

Two Must-visit Luxury Villa In Saba Beach

In addition to these stunning villas, there are also two high-end villas located in Saba Beach. Located in Blahbatuh, Gianyar, and is known as one of the anti-mainstream tourism in Bali because it is still rarely known by tourists. This Beach is one of the tourist destinations that you must visit. Here’s an extra list of luxury villas in Saba that can complete your vacation in Bali.

1. Villa Casabama Panggung: Modern Lush-Tropical Vibes

Price Range: IDR 6.500.000++ / Night

Bedroom : 3 bedrooms

Location: Saba Beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Villa Casabama Panggung is a modern vacation villa located in Saba Beach, 30 minutes from Ubud. It is beautifully furnished with wooden furniture and modern designed building, with master and guest bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 people.

This luxury villa Ubud offers a variety of activities, such as a leisurely stroll in the tropical garden, a dip in the 1.5-meter deep pool, a gym and spa, and Indonesian and Western cuisine.

saba villa casabama panggung

2. Villa Casabama Sandiwara: Have Your Memorable Vacation On The Island of Gods

Price Range: IDR 6.500.000++ / Night

Bedroom : 4 bedrooms

Location: Saba Beach, Blahbatuh, Gianyar

Villa Casabama Sandiwara invites you to spend a memorable vacation on the island of the Gods. Furthermore its surrounded by coconut trees, touched by the breeze of Saba Beach, and furnished with wooden furniture, this private villa Sandiwara provides you with first-rate service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Villa Casabama Sandiwara offers a spa therapist, tour package, standby car and driver, TV with international channels, Wi-Fi connection in all areas, and a tour package for a day trip on the island.

villa casabama sandiwara

Discover Your Luxury Villa Ubud And Make Your Moments Unforgettable

Choosing a comfortable villa with stunning views and excellent facilities and services is essential for a peaceful staycation. Additionally, choose a place where you can do many leisure activities.

Looking for the best luxury villa Ubud on a budget? Come and check out Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property. We will be delighted to assist you in selecting the best villas for your Ubud vacation. In addition our knowledgeable staff will make your stay with us memorable.