Essential Things to Know Before Visiting Bali

July 14, 2020

Whenever you search for everything about Bali on the internet, you will find lots of information. You will find many people are satisfied visiting Bali and enjoy it so much. But on the other hand, you might find people with bad experiences while visiting Bali. 

All this information might overwhelm you and put you in fifty situations. But do you know what? Those bad experiences mostly happen due to the misconception about Bali itself.

Bali is a unique and incredible place that you can’t find in other sites. Nothing can replace the beauty of Bali. Most people fall in love with it. You can enjoy the island that much if you know several things about Bali before you visit it. It helps you to avoid the misconception about Bali, and let you understand what to expect and how to meet your expectations. Here we compiled essential things that you should know before visiting the island.


Bali is not all about the beach Photo source: Max Rovensky

Bali is not all about the beach!

It is not a secret anymore that Bali has beautiful beaches. But it doesn’t mean that Bali is a beach island where you can find white sand beaches and blue oceans at every corner of Bali. It is the most common misconception about Bali. Bali is not all about beautiful beaches and fancy resorts. 

Bali is more than just beaches. Open your eyes and see the whole parts of Bali. Find the other beauties of Bali that shouldn’t be missed by every traveler. Exploring the other part of Bali will bring you more joys, satisfaction, and feel how marvelous the island is. Hidden waterfalls, holly springs, arts are some parts of Bali that every traveler should explore.


Respect the culture Photo source: Andrea

Respect the culture

Once you are visiting Bali, don’t be surprised that some roads may be blocked due to the certain ceremonies. Bali has strong cultures that still preserve until these days all around Bali. If you come to Bali during the feast day of Hindus like Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi, cremation and marriage ceremony, most likely the road that you pass through will be blocked for a while. So don’t be surprised and mad if you find this situation. But overall people love to see and enjoy it. 


Check out the local ceremonies nearby Photo source: Ruben Hutabarat

Check out the local ceremonies nearby

Whenever you come to Bali, don’t forget to check the local ceremonies nearby where you stay. Hindus in Bali have lots of celebrations to be celebrated. These celebrations are what travelers want to see and experience while they are in Bali. Hindu religion, Balinese cultures and traditions have a potent combination, and such unique and magnificent things to see on the island. It also makes the island famous all around the world. 

Balinese ceremonies are used to involve many people, even almost all the people in the village. It also opens for the public to see and enjoy the celebration. This golden chance shouldn’t be skipped. You’re the lucky one if you can find one of them. It is a good chance for you to know Bali deeper, feel the fantastic atmosphere that you can’t think of in other places on earth. It also lets you interact with local people. Balinese are welcome, friendly, and warm if you are polite. 


What to wear for a temple trip Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

What to wear for a temple trip?

As most of Balinese are Hindu, it is not surprising that you will find many temples from the small one to the magnificent one while visiting Bali. Its beautiful and meaningful carvings in every part of the temple are fascinating in harmony with its magical atmosphere. Those temples are one of spiritual destinations that travelers love to visit and explore.

If you are interested in visiting temples in Bali, make sure you wear a sarong to cover your body from your waist to your legs, and sash on your waistline. On the other hand, if you are a woman, make sure that you’re not on your period. These are the basic rules that all people have to respect while entering a holy place in Bali. 


Missing the beauty of North Bali is a big mistake Photo source: Yuriy Fomin

Missing the beauty of North Bali is a big mistake

The biggest mistake some travellers make while visiting Bali is missing the beauty of North Bali. Some people only know about the south part of Bali like Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak and soon, but they don’t know the hidden beauty that they can find in the North part of Bali. You’re not exploring Bali if you haven’t visited both sides. 

In the north Bali, you can find stunning green lushes, hidden waterfalls, the biggest rice field on earth, the Bali Aga (the old and original Balinese) village, the house of arts and many more that you can’t find in the south Bali. That’s why it’s a big mistake if you miss these beauties. 

Ubud is one of the favorite regions in North Bali to escape, feel more joy, and self-healing. If you are wondering what are the great things from Ubud? What does Ubud look like? It is a region with a perfect combination between modernization and preservation of cultures, arts, and lovely natures. It is the best place for self-healing with its hidden gems. 

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