Exceptional Villa for Family Holiday in Ubud

July 5, 2019

It is easy to find a perfect villa for your next family holiday in Ubud.



Family Holiday


Finding Family Villa in Ubud

You might already know about how Ubud has become so lively these days. You might want to give yourself and your family a unique experience that having a special place in your memories.

Ubud is more than just a good and beautiful place to live. You can feel the traditional Balinese culture in every step in Central Ubud. But, staying close to nature, viewing lush green hills and paddy fields while in Ubud are must-to-do things.

When you are traveling with family, it is good to stay in a quiet, private, and spacious place. But, at the same time not having yourself too far from the hustle of Ubud. Just in case if you want to shop some souvenirs in Ubud, or attending to some events.

As a leading Ubud villas rental service, we already create a list of our hand-picked villa for you to consider. While also keeping in mind to giving our guest the highest quality services.




Exceptional The Malabar House Villa that Family Friendly


The Malabar House

Ubud is a perfect place to enjoy with your family, and one of the best villas that you can choose is the Malabar House. Here at the Malabar House, they serve you a slice of heaven. Spending a couple of nights in a luxury villa while imbibing the pleasures that Ubud has to offer will complete your holiday.

This place also has a fantastic ambiance. Imagine having a quiet and relaxing day, having a nice cup of coffee while reading a good book or listen to a piece of good music with a breathtaking view of paddy fields, far from the hustle and bustle surrounding, your holiday couldn’t become better than that! In the villa, they also have a spacious garden that you can use to have a family barbeque and enjoy a feast while enjoying the beautiful weather in Ubud.




Luxurious Villa Bodhi that Family Friendly


Villa Bodhi

How do you determine a tranquil oasis? You can enjoy lush views of green hills while immersing yourself in the infinity pool and Bali’s mountain as your scenery as far as you can see, Villa Bodhi is undoubtedly one of the most luxury villas and beautiful places that you will have ever stayed in Ubud with your family.

Having an open-air “living room” filled with traditional Balinese antiques, and a scent of tropical and Balinese flowers feels like you are being united with nature. Occasionally, you can hear a gamelan orchestra (traditional Balinese music) played by local, and they are more than happy to have you joined them! Not to mention that most of the ingredients in the food are locally grown food.

While you’re staying here, don’t forget to say hello to the birds!




Beautiful Villa Atas Awan that Family Friendly


Villa Atas Awan

Atas Awan means above the clouds. This luxury villa surely nestled above the clouds!

This villa is located in a quiet, remote place in Ubud, but you won’t have any trouble to access it. You can relax in the pool or enjoy yourself being sun-kissed in the side pool. When it comes to the services, the staff here are incredibly paying attention to the detail, makes your stay beyond perfect.

Villa Atas Awan is a must stay villa for all travelers who want to bring their family to Ubud. The villa itself is surrounded by nature and well maintained. You can play with your children in the infinity pool or having a quality time in the open-air living area just downstairs of the building.

A must visit! Or at least once in your life.

We help you find the perfect family villa in Ubud!

Are you ready to create special memories for you and your family? Contact us now, and we will be more than happy to be of assistance! Our team at Red Lotus Property are very experienced in helping our guests to find the perfect villa for their vacation in Ubud. See our complete list villa in Ubud and villa in Saba for your next family holiday!