How to be Productive during COVID-19 Quarantine?

April 27, 2020

For some people, no, most people running a new habit that totally different from their regular pattern. One thing that suddenly changes social practice worldwide for this time is the quarantine during COVID-19 pandemic. Most of the people feel like they are living in a prison. They can’t go outside, can’t meet other people, can’t be active as usual, and all of their activities should be done at home.

Don’t count how many days you’ve been experiencing this, it might make you moody as well. When you look at a different perspective, it’s not about how many days, but how many things you have done during this quarantine?

How many of your to-do-list had been checked? Which things are postponed,and which aren’t? Are you laying down all day long on your bed, getting moody, and being lazy? It’s better not. Don’t make this situation as an excuse for you to waste your time! On this article, we will help you to keep being productive during this COVID-19 quarantine.


Being Productive during covid-19 pandemic Photo source: Form

Do fun morning routines.

Morning is the beginning of the day that determine people’s mood all day long. Maintain a pleasant atmosphere in the morning is essential to do. Try to wake up earlier in the morning without your alarm ringing. Slow, but sure, it helps you to maintain your self-discipline. Anyway, meditate in the earlier morning is also considered as an excellent thing to do to gain a good mood and make you feel grateful every single day.

On the other hand, try to do fun things such as playing with your pets, listening or playing some musics, have a cup of tea, or have a morning conversation with your family that you might can’t do on an average daily basis.

Another thing that you can do is having a morning walk around your neighborhood, but it’s really based on the regulation around you. All of these morning routines will make you more fit and be more productive during COVID-19 quarantine at home.


productive during quarantine - keep in touch with friends Photo source: Andrea Piacquadio

Keep in touch with your friends.

Quarantine for weeks doesn’t mean you can’t get in touch with your friends or family. Don’t let this quarantine cut you off contact with your friends. Do a virtual communication such as texting, calling, or even video call! There as so many apps that help you to do it like WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, etc.


Learn new skill during quarantine

Learn new skill

Try to think from a different perspective. This quarantine is an excellent opportunity to put more value on ourselves. Instead of complaining all day long, use your time to learn new skills is beneficial. You can both learn something related to your work or learn something new to you.

For example, you can choose to learn another foreign language, learn about how to improve your skill in digital marketing, discover new music instruments, and many more. This is a really good time to learn something that you might not be able to learn in a normal situation. It helps you to get rid of boredom.


Productive during covid-19 pandemic - workout at home


Instead of lying down on your bed for many days, workout at home is such a great idea. Get your body fit and healthy. Exercise for 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day is more than enough to make you be more productive at home during COVID-19 quarantine.

There are lots of workout tutorials on YouTube. Find and pick one that suits you, then practice it at home. Have a goal, it might help you to stay consistent and discipline. Don’t forget to settle your favorite music to make it more enjoyable. Swimming at home (if you have a swimming pool) and doing yoga is also excellent to do.


Having good rest during quarantine

Maintain good rest

Besides trying to find routines at home to keep you productive, try to maintain good rest is needed. Probably on a regular day before the world flipped around, it is hard for you to have a good rest. Have you ever think that this pandemic breaks down human activities to let us have a proper rest?

This quarantine can be considered as a right time for us to have a good quality rest. Remember that having good rest is not the same as being crazy lazy.


cooking at home t be productive during covid-19 pandemic


No matter do you love cooking or not, just try this! It will made your day! Think of a straightforward meal or drink that you enjoy a lot, then get a recipe on book or internet. Experience it! To make it more fun, invite your family members to get along with you. Don’t overthink how the taste would be. Just enjoy it and get more fun and positive energy.


Planning something at home

Plan something

The most important one is making sure to start your day with some lists to do every single day. Plan something, and know what your priority is and know your goals every day and every week. It will motivate you to be productive to achieve it.

You can write them down in general, then break them down into the specific one. It will help you to do step by step and manage them well.

If possible, take some minutes to plan your next vacation after the pandemic ends. This situation will end in not so distant future. Plan it.

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