Transportation in Ubud: Getting in and around

February 18, 2020

Whenever you choose to stay around Ubud, you undoubtedly wish to stay in a villa with a spacious garden, unlimited pools, and lush hills that you can view. There’s nothing more Ubud than those things. One of the cons for staying at this tranquil and remote place in Ubud is, well, transportation.

While staying at the villa will ensure that you got the most relaxing and enjoyable holiday ever, getting there often very challenging for most tourists. Since some of them are located on a small road in a small remote village or even in the middle of the ricefield.

If you are worried, rest assured. We understand that our guests are having these issues sometimes. After having some research, we already compiled a list of transportation in Ubud. You can trust this list to ensure you will stay away from this transportation issue whenever you stay in Ubud:


Getting Taxi in Ubud


While you can find taxis anywhere in South Bali, but you can not find them in the Ubud. It is safe to say that, if you went to Central Ubud, you might find some ‘local guide’ that also provide taxis. They usually use their own personal vehicle, so it might be different with the usual taxi that you saw the moment you arrive at the airport. Although it’s more personal, plentiful, and convenient, you might have to negotiate each time before hopping in as they prefer not to use the meter.


Using Private Car with Driver in Ubud

Private Car with Driver

A car is great for families, but traffic and parking is always a problem, especially in Ubud where most of the local shops and lovely restaurants don’t provide parking area. Please also remember to bring along your international driver’s license and a temporary drivers permit from the Denpasar police station if you choose to drive while in Bali. Otherwise, please do not select this option, you will ruin your holiday if you have to go to the police station. It’s safe to have some driver to accompany you, this would be a better option as the drivers will work according to your schedule and your budget. Keep their numbers and they will be happy to take you around during your stay! 


Transportation with a Scooter or Motorbike in Ubud

Rent your own Scooter / Motorbike

Before you choose to drive in Ubud, do bear in mind the chaotic road conditions. Not many road users understand traffic laws, even the local people, so it is best to observe for a while before you try driving by yourself. A scooter is always quick and convenient. It is easy to stop by and try some best Balinese local foods in Ubud. You can also explore some of the best views and temples that Ubud has to offer.


Bicycle Tour in Ubud


This is the easiest, most convenient, and most affordable option, which is increasingly gaining popularity among locals and visitors alike. Everyone loves slow and relax cycling around Ubud. There are many tracks that you can choose from beginner level to downhill level. Most of the cycle tour providers also offer a cultural expedition or a food expedition! You can ask our villa butler if you do want a bicycle tour, we will be more than happy to help you.

Planning a trip to Ubud? Don’t let this transportation issue ruin your holiday. If you are staying in one of our beautiful and private villas in Ubud and villa in Saba, there is a butler that ready to help you anytime to override this issue. Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property will ensure your holiday is memorable.