Incredible Valentine Date Ideas in 2021

December 24, 2020

Valentine’s day is coming! No matter if you have already taken or not yet. No matter if you have been together for years, or even for a month. Valentine is always a special day to express your love to your loved one. Therefore, every year people will always search for ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day like Valentine date Ideas in 2021. 

Beside anniversary day, valentine is another important day for couples to spend together. You know that sometimes it’s frustrating preparing everything to celebrate Valentine’s day. It needs creativity to make Valentine’s Day memorable each year, especially this year where Coronavirus haven’t disappeared yet. Well, here are simple yet so awesome Valentine date ideas in 2021 to do to make it memorable. 


Valentine Ideas 2021: Hiking together Photo source: Tony Shostak

1. Hiking Together and Surprise Her on the top of Mount

If you are a nature enthusiast couple, going on a hike on Valentine’s Day will make your day. You can choose to hike routes that are familiar or even new for you. Exploring the mount together like Mount Batur, Mount Agung, and Mount Abang. Enjoying every time your feet step up together. Guard and strengthen each other to reach the top of the mount. Making a warm conversation while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the weather along the way.

When you’re already on top of the mount, enjoy the wonderful landscape around you. It’s amazing! Don’t forget to take some photos together to keep your moments alive. Surprise your partner with a special gift on top of the mountain will make your moment even sweeter and unforgettable. 

Picnic together on the mount top is another Valentine Ideas in 2021 to do. If this is your thing, bring some food, snacks, drinks, and a picnic mat or a sheet of fabric to the mount top.


Camping with view Photo source: Le Tan

2. Camping With View 

Camping is another Valentine Ideas 2021 that may suit best for a nature enthusiast couple, too. By going on a camp together, you can make your quality time while enjoying the natural nature around you. Experiencing life in new circumstances, a tranquil place.

There are many camp spots that you can choose here in Bali like Beratan lake, Bukit Asah, and  Pinggan Village. But if you are okay to climb a little bit, then Mount Batukaru, Mount Abang, and Mount Batur can be your choice. 

Camping gives you a lot of quality time and space to tighten your bonds. You can share many things, make jokes, prepare your food together or even just enjoying the views. Giving a gift to each other will make your Valentine Day unforgettable.

Valentine Ideas 2021: Experiencing a couple massage Photo source: Aslan Caishan

3. Tighten Your Bonds with A Couple Massage

If you don’t want to do many physical activities on Valentine’s Day, then a couple’s massage is right for you. There are lots of couples massage packages out there. A couple’s massage is a great way to relax, release stress, recharge energy, and spend your quality time with your beloved one. 

It also tightens your bonds as you have a shared experience together. It increases the feeling of affection and intimacy as it releases oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine in your body. If you’re not prefer to go out for a couple massage, both of you can do it at home. Even massage each other’s bodies in turn can be more valuable and intimate. A couple massage can be precious and meaningful gift for your partner. 


Valentine Ideas 2021: Going on a movie date
Photo source: Felipe Bustillo

4. Going on A Movie Date or Doing a Movie Marathon

The most common thing, but still becomes a favorite thing to do for couples is watching movies. Choose your favorite movie’s genre and choose the most wanted movies to see. If it’s possible, you can do a movie date in a movie theater. If not, you can do this at home. Buy some popcorn, cheesy snacks, and a bottle of wine, then watch the movies together. Watching movies at home is another recommended Valentine Ideas in 2021, especially if you want to spend your time without anyone disturbing you. You are free to watch movies as many as you like. 


Going on a short trip Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

5. Short Trip is A Fantastic Gift!

If you have enough time, going on a short trip together for several days is the next Valentine ideas. Going on a trip for three days or even a week will be good for both of you. Go to a romantic place on earth like Bali for example. 

A short trip can be a fantastic and marvelous Valentine’s gift this year as everybody should be missing it. Please make sure that you are healthy, the places you visit are safe, and keep following the health protocols. Make your Valentine’s Day more memorable by visiting unique and safe destinations, having a candle light dinner in a nature-based private villa, or even just want to spend your time at your private villas. 

Besides that, if you want to have a bed breakfast on your Valentine’s Day, it is possible. Waking up and getting your loved one besides you and having breakfast together in bed. Enjoy your meals without losing the intimate feeling between you and your partner. 

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