Quick Escape for Your Busy Days

June 12, 2020

Many people love traveling. For some people, traveling is a dream to reach. But not all people could make it come true due to several problems like not having enough money, and some not having enough time. The people who are not having enough time, they commonly have hectic activities on their days. So, it is difficult for them to go traveling, especially traveling abroad.

Being stuck in those hectic activities often makes people stressed and depressed. To implement the work and life balance is a challenge. But you can try to make it balance, release your stress, and have more fun by doing a quick escape during your busy days. Even though it may be less than a week, trust me, it’s worth doing! Read on, and find how to make fun with a quick escape!


Think where you go and what to see Photo source: Juan Rumimpunu

Think where you go and what to see

The very first thing you need to do is knowing where to go. Find some references for destinations that are suitable to visit to release your stress and make you more fun. You are the only one who knows which one is the best for you. Find it on the Internet or ask friends who have traveled a lot. Get enough information, but don’t too much. Too much information can make you stuck in confusion about where to go. 

After knowing where to go, find some attractive destinations to visit, check local events that you want to see, and everything that you want to do in that place. Put it on your list. So you know what to do after arriving in the place. The most suitable for quick escape is a place that gives you a piece, relaxes, and refreshes your mind. Going to a natural-based destination is highly recommended. Get the fresh air and enjoy nature. 

Besides that, Yoga and meditation are pretty good to do. Find a place where you can practice Yoga and Meditate with a professional tutor. Put it on your list, and you won’t regret it! 


Pack based on your needs - quick escape Photo source: Alice Donovan

Pack based on your needs

Do not overpack! Many people tend to bring many kinds of stuff to travel, even if they don’t need it. It can make you stressed and exhausted to bring thousands of kilograms during your quick escape. Just pack everything you need. The less you bring, the more joy you get.


Check local event out - quick escape Photo source: Vlack Hammer

Check Local Events Out

Another essential thing you need to do is checking local events out. Doing a quick escape doesn’t mean you can’t see local events that, of course, you can’t see in another place. You aren’t one to miss something unique and entertaining, don’t you? Just check it out! If you can see it, you must be lucky!

In those local events, you might find several things that characterize the place where you’re going. You can find local food, local drink, local music, local dance, or even local clothes. Being entertained and exploring the local things at once. It is efficient for your quick escape!


Check local transport around Photo source: Yanny Mishchuk

Check local transport around

Checking for local transport that can drive you to any places is critical. Check it earlier. What kind of transportation do you want to use in that place? Which one is more effective that can save your time and money? Check it first, so you can manage it based on your budget.


Enjoy your moment - quick escape Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

Enjoy your moment

Putting many things to do on your list doesn’t mean you can’t do a spontaneous thing that catches your attention when you’re doing a quick escape. Just do it! This is maybe a rare chance for you to escape from your routine. The time is yours! Enjoy your moment. Enjoy your time. Be free as nobody can disturb you. 

This is another reason why you need to write a list to do, so you can use your short time efficiently. Estimate and spare more time for something out of our thought.


Book a staycation near the destination Photo source: Andrea Piacquadio

Book a staycation near the destination

Book a place to stay at night! Book it before you go to the place. Searching for a staycation after you arrive at the place is a waste of time. It takes time to find the best one. There are many things to consider such as what kind of staycation you need, which one is comfortable for you, and where the location of the staycation is. 

To save your time, booking a staycation around the place you’re going is recommended. It is near the destinations you want to visit, so you wont spend your time on the road for hours. Remember that you do a quick escape, not a long trip which you have more time.

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