Why stay in a Villa rather than Hotel in Ubud?

July 20, 2019

When planning a holiday to Ubud, based on your experience, you might decide to stay in a hotel, but how if you stay in a villa this time?

You might be thinking that the villa doesn’t have all the hospitality, but you might thinking wrong. Here’s the benefit on why you should stay in a villa rather than a resort or a hotel in your next stay in Ubud:


Stay in Villa Casabama that offer Private pool ather than Hotel in Ubud

Stay in villa in Ubud means more privacy

Do you mind if you share the pool with anyone? Or might be you want to cater a special event, but it seems like there are too many people around you? Choosing to stay in a villa in Ubud also mean choosing a private stay. Think about things that you can do in the pool, the garden, the hammock, or the day bed without waiting for a line when having your breakfast!

Villa often has more spacious place

You will bring your family, but you don’t want to pay an additional breakfast or additional extra-bed? Do you worry if your children will disturb other guests when you are not supervising them? Rest assured, in a villa, you don’t have to worry about it. Most villas have in detail their maximum capacity and their bedrooms. It will be more cost-effective for you instead of having to pay per person.


Stay in Villa having more balinese and ubud touches rather than Hotel in Ubud

Ubud & Balinese Touch when stay in villa

Thinking of having your own ‘Balinese’ decoration in your hotel rooms? You might be surprised by what the villa has to offer. Most villas in Ubud are locally owned by Balinese people. Therefore the decoration is genuine Balinese even the architecture itself is representing Bali. Sometimes the villa owner itself acts as a villa butler and will visit and invite you to join a local ceremony or local event that happen in Ubud. It doesn’t mean that all traditional, in some of our hand-picked villas in Ubud or Saba, you will still have a choice to rent a private pool villa that has a view of the lush green garden hill or even the mighty Mount Agung.

Having private entertainment when stay in villa

Who doesn’t love a private bbq party in villa with family? Or having a feast at the garden? If you like to do your own private moments with your family or with your loved ones, then staying in the villa is a perfect choice for you. Most villas in Ubud offer spacious garden or hall that you can use, and your villa butler will be ready to help you hold the event.


Stay in Villa Kembang rather than Hotel in Ubud

Villa also has staff

When you think the villa doesn’t have staff that will accommodate your need like the hotel does, you might be wrong. Some villas offer villa butler service. They can help you with all the daily task. Like cleaning and making your bedroom, renting a car or motorcycle, becoming your personal tour guide or even cooking you some breakfast! Which means you don’t have to ruin your holiday with cleaning your own bed!

Choosing a villa to stay

If you already feel what it looks like to stay in a villa in Ubud or a villa in Saba while having your holiday, you will never ever choosing a hotel or a resort for your next stay in Ubud. Our villa specialist team will be more than happy to fulfill that experience for you. Contact us now and feel the real ‘Ubud’ by staying in our high-quality and international standard villas!