The Best Hiking & Trekking Trails in Bali Worth To Explore

April 28, 2021

Everybody should know that Bali is well-known for its amazing beaches both white and black sandy beaches. On the other side, Bali is also a place of amazing mountains, waterfalls, jungles, and paddy fields that bring peace to your soul and mind. Mostly those natural beauty located in the north Bali area.

The fun ways to explore those green beauties is hiking and trekking. Both local and international tourists love to do this. It should be exhausting, but the views are worth a try. So here are the best hiking and trekking trails in Bali should be on your list. 


The best hiking trails in Bali - Mount Batur Photo source: Esse Chua

1. Batur Mountain: The Most Popular Hiking Trails in Bali

An active volcano with a wonderful landscape that attracts those who love exploring the mountains to come over and over again. The most popular and one of the best hiking trails in Bali with an altitude 1.717 meters above the sea level. It only needs two to three hours of hiking to reach the peak. People are used to starting leaving at 3 a.m or 4 a.m in the early morning to reach the top and see the sunrise come up. The fresh weather in the morning will give peace and happiness to your soul and mind. 

Besides watching the sunrise from the mountain peak, you will also be pampered by the large and marvelous Batur lake, other mountains, white clouds, cauldron, and beautiful greeneries surrounding the mountain.

Don’t forget to wear your warm jacket due to the cold weather. The closer you are to the top of the mountain, the cooler the air will be. Wearing proper shoes will also help you hike easier and safer as the route is slippery. Bringing a flashlight will also help you to see the route in the darkness. Hire a local guide to make sure you go to the right path.


The highest and best hiking trails in Bali is Mount Agung Photo source: Mohamed Hassan

2. Mount Agung: The Highest Hiking Trails in Bali

If you like adrenaline-pumping challenges, then Mount Agung is one of the best hiking trails in Bali for you. The highest and the most sacred volcano on the island at 3.031 meters from the sea level. It needs 6-7 hours to reach the mountain peak, but the views are worth a visit. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, you can see the whole part of Bali island, the surrounding oceans, even the Lombok island.

Due to it being an active volcano, make sure to check if it’s safe to hike the mountain or not. Hire an expert guide is essential as the route is slippery, tricky, and challenging. If you want to greet the sunrise from the peak, make sure to leave at midnight.


Mount Catur Photo source: Pinterest

3. Enjoying The Second Largest Lake From Mount Catur

Located above Lake Beratan, Mount Catur is another volcanic peak with an altitude 2.096 meters above the sea level that should be on your list of the best hiking trails in Bali. It only needs three hours of walking to reach the volcanic peak. Along the way to the top, you will find orange trees, coffee trees, passion fruits, canopied trees, enormous climbing vines, and colorful flowers. Here you will also find monkeys, tropical songbirds, and squirrels. Therefore, be careful and keep your stuff away from the monkeys to avoid your stuff being grabbed by them.

Once you reach the top, you will find an old Hindu temple that is surrounded by big trees which is cultivated by moss and fern. The roofs of the temples are also overgrown with small plants. From the top, you can see the incredible views of the second largest lake on the island Buyan lake. If you want to greet the sun rising in the morning, make sure to leave in the early morning or even at midnight. But it is also fine to hike during the day as the mount Catur is surrounded by tropical forest that makes the air remain cold. Read this to get a complete hiking gear list that you should bring for hiking.


Campuhan Ubud Ridge Walk Photo source: Declan Young

4. Enjoy Your Walk at Campuhan Ubud Ridge Walk

The most enchanting and popular trekking trail in Ubud area. Experience trekking on a paved path that can be accessed easily. Trek while enjoying the green surrounding nature all along the way. The landscape of Campuhan Ubud Ridge Walk invites both local and international tourists to come and experience walking in this area.

The best time to trek in this place is in the early morning before the sun becomes too hot, and in the late afternoon during the golden hour time. If you come here in the late afternoon, the place may be quite busy as many people love to come at this time.



Tegalalang Rice Terrace Photo source: Maksim Shutov

5. Walking Among The Expanses of Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Trekking around wonderful rice terraces near Ubud, which is one of Unesco World Heritage on the island. Tegalalang Rice Terrace located in Gianyar regency and one of the most attractive destinations for nature enthusiasts and those who love trekking.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is only 20 minutes to drive away from the Campuhan Ubud Bridge. Besides enjoying the panorama, here you also can see local farmers working at the rice terrace, connecting with local people and observing daily Balinese life. 

Those are the best hiking and trekking trails in Bali to explore once you’re in Bali. Exploring nature is always exciting, giving peace, and stress releasing. If you love hiking and trekking, we recommend going during the dry season. Hiking during the rainy season is dangerous due to slippery trails and colder air. 

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