Top 3 Must Do Things While in Bali

September 14, 2019

Most people know the island of Bali in Indonesia for its wealth of cultural heritage, natural wonders, and artistic communities. Bali has long appealed to tourists worldwide due to its enchanting dances, vibrant ceremonies, unique arts & crafts, never-ending exciting nightlife, and luxury villas that line the coastline.

Things to visit in Bali Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot – Must Visit Temple in Bali

Known locally and internationally as the land of a thousand temples, Bali homes more than 5,000 stunning examples of the traditional Balinese Hindu Pura (temple).

Pura Tanah Lot is one of the island’s most popular temples, famous for its unusual position- sitting on a rock formation at the edge of the sea. A popular time to go is during sunset. You can catch a stunning sunset and soak up the last rays of daylight. The temple itself is the cherry on top of a productive cultural trip!

Things to do in Bali staying in Ubud


For those intrigued by Bali’s traditional arts and crafts scene, Ubud beckons as the destination for you.

Ubud is the artistic capital of the region and the former seat of the Balinese Kingdom. Witness skilled artisans in Ubud, or its neighboring villages create exquisite jewelry fit for Balinese royalty and wood carvings & paintings that always tell a story. 

Visit Celuk and Mas village, they only 30 minutes drive from Ubud. Celuk is a heavenly place for gold and silver works. While Mas village, it is a place for woodcarvers. They create hardwood come to life, and they own private galleries and workshops that showcase some of the island’s best art pieces.

Things to do in Bali Balinese Dance

Traditional dances in Bali

No trip to Bali would be complete without witnessing some of the island’s most colorful and musical traditions of performing the Kecak dance, Fire dance, and Sanghyang Dance.

All three dances should be on your to-do list in Bali, especially on a cultural expedition. These performances will genuinely make your holiday getaway more memorable.

• The Kecak dance is performed by a group of 50 bare-chested men who serve as a dance’s chorus and who dance in a circle around lit by bamboo torches. The dance itself are a visualization of the most dramatic story in Hindu Culture. This dance is taken from the Hindu epic Ramayana. A story of love where Prince Rama rescues Princess Sita from the evil hands of King Lanka.

• The Fire dance is when a performer becomes entranced then blessed to be able to dance on burning hot coals without feeling pain. It is one of the island’s most striking art performances.

Available in various locations. You can ask our villa butler to get more information about the performance’s schedule and place.

Stay in Retreat Villa in Bali Vila Atas Awan

Bali has something that none of the other destinations in the world have. The tradition and culture that already inherited since long ago, keep resonating and coloring the life of Balinese people even nowadays. When you’re going to Bali, staying in Ubud in a Villa is a must.

Ubud Villas Rental as a part of Red Lotus Bali Property, use the Balinese hospitality spirit to serve you well. Most of our villas are well decorated and have a strong presence of Balinese culture and tradition. It’s surely becoming a top reason why you should stay in a villa rather in a hotel. We have a list of high-quality and hand-picked villa in Ubud and Saba area.

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