Top 5 Recommended Villas for Holiday in Bali – 50% Off

April 22, 2021

Here is good news for you. Save your budget by getting 50% off from these five recommended villas in Ubud. Stay in a comfortable, luxury, and affordable villa during your holiday in Bali. Read on and find the most exceptional villas that meet your needs and wants. 


Holiday in Bali - Villa Bayad Photo source: Red Lotus Property

1. Villa Bayad

A deluxe villa in Ubud, which applies the concept of Tri Hita Karana that is keeping balance the relationship between people and the surrounding nature to get harmony. Due to this concept, this deluxe private villa has a wide tropical garden with flower and local fruit trees, ponds, shrubs, and streams that are designed exactly the same as Bali tropical nature.

If you love sunrise, then this villa should be your thing. Get the experience of waking up in the morning and greeted by a bright sunrise as all buildings, windows, and verandas of this villa are designed to face the east. Feel the warmth of the morning sun while enjoying the rice terraces, valleys, and tropical lush jungle with a wide-eyes open. Feels like finding a luxury in the jungle on your holiday in Bali. 

Villa Atas Awan Photo source: Red Lotus Property

2. Villa Atas Awan

An authentic, luxury, and elegant Javanese Joglo house with very strong wooden accents that create a strong natural ambiance. Located amid the lush green fields, this private villa is suited for those who want to escape and relax around Ubud. The villa design is simple yet so elegant. This villa is popular among Yogis or those who want to learn about Yoga.

During your stay, you can do many activities here like learning to make Balinese offerings, cooking, and Yoga. If you want to get more relaxation, you can have a spa or massage in this villa. Also, the swimming pool is ready to pamper you. Anyway, it’s pretty easy to reach the Ubud center from this villa. It only needs 30-40 minutes. The villa butler will prepare the transportation for you upon your request.

If you come here with your family and want to hold a family event like BBQ, birthday party, and picnic, this private is the best choice as it has a large and beautiful garden.


Villa Vastu Photo source: Red Lotus Property

3. Villa Vastu

Get amazing and memorable experiences in villa Vastu during your holiday in Bali. A luxurious villa with a strong spiritual ambiance and far away from the urban area and residents. In this private place you will find statues of Gods and Goddesses in the garden of this villa that create a warm and positive ambiance which relax and calm your mind.

Also, you will be indulged by the balconies of the main room which face directly to the green and beautiful scenery around the villa. If you love outdoor activities, you can trek around the village, walking through rice fields, forests and fields, or even exploring waterfalls near the villa area.

Besides that, you can have other activities in the villa like spa massage and Yoga. Just relax, enjoy the amazing surrounding nature, and you will fall in love with their excellent services and facilities. 


Holiday in Bali: Stay in Villa Casabama Photo source: Red Lotus Property

4. Villa Casabama

If you prefer to stay in a coastal area rather than a mountain area during your holiday in Bali, then villa Casabama is what you are looking for. A luxurious villa around Saba beach Gianyar with a vast coconut tree view and the elegant black sandy beach. From this villa you can also smell the scent of the sea that creates a strong beach ambiance.

Besides a beautiful green garden, there is also a wide vacant land in the villa area which is a favorite place for our guests to hold family events like BBQ, birthday party, gatherings and wedding.

This villa consists of 11 bedrooms which are designed with large and high windows. Equipped with three swimming pools make this villa worth a stay for a family or group. 


Villa Kelusa Photo source: Red Lotus Property

5. Villa Kelusa

The one and only private villa in Ubud that pampers you with abundant green views that can be enjoyed from any corner of the villa, even from the bedrooms. Located on the edge of the tropical forest, this villa is bordered by wonderful green nature.

This villa also has a vast green garden where you can do a morning walk or evening walk while sightseeing around. The paddy fields in front of the villa and the swimming pool are enchanting. Experience a floating breakfast or swimming while enjoying the greeneries in front of you. It will make your eyes-wide open and amazed.

Villa Kelusa is a combination of wooden blocks, solid concrete wall, and high thatched roof that match with the villa’s atmosphere. It consists of four bedrooms with traditional Balinese cultural architecture design. Come and enjoy your day!

Those are the top five recommended villas that you can choose for your holiday in Bali. Make sure to book the villa as soon as possible to get the 50% off as the discount is based on the availability. The period of stay is valid until December 19, 2021. By staying in these villas in Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property you will get a daily breakfast and free Wi-Fi in the villa area. Don’t miss the chance!