Which Retreat Type is Right For You?

January 20, 2021

Are you interested in retreat? You should already know that retreat has a lot of benefits that make it worth your time and pocket. 

You may be wondering what kind of retreat that works well for you. And now you may feel overwhelmed by the tons of information and not sure which one suits you best? That’s why this article is written down. Calm down, you’re not alone. Read on and find the best retreat type for you. 


Meditation in the morning Photo source: Jared Rice

Meditation Retreat

One of the most popular retreats is Meditation retreat. This retreat is popular among spiritual travelers or those who seek for peacefulness both inner and outside themselves. A meditation retreat helps you to discharge all burdens stuck in your mind.

It also settles you down, overlock external noises around you, and guide you to get the genuine happiness and peacefulness within you. Just sit up straight, calm down, and focus on breathing without thinking about anything. Listen to yourself and reconnect with yourself. 

Meditating for hours will train you to be more patient, teach you about forgiveness, acceptance, allowance, love, and sincerity. In addition, it helps you to meditate easier when you’re back home. Meditation retreat is open for everybody no matter what your religion is. Anyway here is what you need to pack for a retreat

The Benefit of Meditation retreat:

  • Become more mindfully
  • Find more joy and beauty both within yourself and the environment around you
  • Help you to be stress-free
  • Makes you be more grateful
  • Disconnect with the hustle bustle 


Yoga Retreat Photo source: Indian Yogi

Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is what you need when you want to stretch your body and calm your mind at the same time during your wellness retreat. It seems simple and easy to do, but the benefits of a Yoga retreat are tremendous. It puts you in a condition where you are between your comfort zone and uncomfortable zone. 

It helps you to exercise your body while regulating your breath and train you to stay focused. Imagine you move your body while enjoying the weather and listen to the bird sounds. When finishing a yoga retreat, you will feel that your body and mind are lighter without any burdens. Feel the rejuvenation!

Anyway, when you are choosing a Yoga retreat, you can discuss with the retreat villa to set your goals and find what kind of yoga retreat suits you best as well as your experience level. When you’re looking for the best place, Bali is always the answer. Bali has been popular with Yoga and meditation destinations, especially Ubud. The beautiful greeneries and peaceful landscape blended with Balinese traditions offer the well-being of your mind and soul. It makes retreat villas in Ubud become a favourite place for retreatants.


Nature retreat - A man stands on a mountain top Photo source: Zac Durant

Nature Retreat

It is the answer for nature enthusiasts who are always eager to explore deep into nature. Exploring nature is always exciting and healing. Stay away from the crowd and live back to the basics to run a simple life. It helps you find the peace in your mind and soul. Enjoy nature, forget all burdens, and come back home with the healthier version of you.

Some activities that you can do while doing a nature retreat are hiking, trekking, and camping in the middle of tropical forest. To gain the optimal results of retreat, you can combine a nature retreat with Spa retreat or meditation retreat or both. 

Planning all your needs during your retreat can be tiresome and taking time. Instead you’re already tired with everything and just want to enjoy the retreat. We understand your situation and how you feel. We do care about you. That’s why Ubud Villas Rental is Always be there for those who need help. No matter what retreat type and retreat activities you choose, Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property is more than happy to give it to you. 


Digital Detox Retreat Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

Digital Detox Retreat

When you want to spend your retreat days totally in silence, this retreat type is right for you. It is usually chosen by those who truly want to focus on their restoration without any distractions. 

This retreat type is designed to keep you away from the technologies that have made us addicted like watching TV, gaming, and scrolling up and down on social media whenever an opportunity comes to us. It helps us to control ourselves. Digital detox takes us to the basics. Enjoy the free time and everything we have around us. 


Healing spa Photo source: Engin Akyurt

Healing Spa Retreat

The most simple and effortless retreat for you who want to do nothing but laying down and then get relaxed and refreshed. This retreat type also has many benefits both for your body and mind. 

Delight in every touch of the therapist’s hands on your skin that release your body stiff and fatigue. Enjoy the scene of aromatherapy that calm the mind and soul. Any other way, you can choose a traditional spa retreat or the luxury one. 

Already know which retreat type suits you best? Which one do you decide to try? Are you still confused? Don’t worry. The good news is you can combine them for your retreat. It takes your time to prepare no more. Just contact us to get the retreat package based on your request.