Family Travel Budget Tips That Won’t Break the Bank

August 26, 2020

Travelling overseas always gives lots of fun, especially if you go with your beloved family. You are in a new country with your family, trying something new and enjoying the new environment together. Travelling with family is not as simple as travelling alone, but you can make it less complicated with a good preparation.

Budget is is basically the starting point in planning. Once you have the budget in your head, you can then start planning the place that you would like to visit, the type of accommodation, length of stay and so on. Not to mention the transport. But don’t worry, don’t get overwhelmed with the planning process! Here are some tips to save your budget for family travel without breaking the bank. 


The best flight deals

Find the best flight deals

The first travel budget tips to save your budget for family travel is to book your flight as soon as possible to get the best price. Search for flight information earlier. Follow the major airlines on social media and subscribe to their newsletter to get the best deal. Once you find it, book the flight several months before you go. 

Some people said last-minute books would help you to get a reasonable price. It’s true if you’re lucky enough, as it is not always the case. However, travelling with family means you will travel with other people, which means you need to adjust your travelling schedule with their time, too. 


Affordable private villa


Find Reasonable Accommodation

When staying in hotels become the leading choices for many people, the prices are high enough on average, especially if you are travelling with a family. More rooms are required to purchase. 

To cut off your budget, but still comfortable by getting lovely spaces and amenities, staying in a private villa is the next travel budget tip to get a perfect deal. Book earlier to get reasonable prices as on the peak season, the rates are higher. Book in a professional villas rental like Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property will help you find the best deal and meet your needs at the same time. That’s why planning and preparing everything more first is one of the keys to saving your budget. 


Affordable destinations Photo source: Yuriy Fomin

Go to Affordable Destinations

Experiencing beautiful things and enjoying amazing destinations are not all about festive things. Going to tourist destinations that are friendly to your budget also can give you the same feeling and atmosphere. Look for more information, come to those places, and it will amaze you. 


Don't buy too much souvenirs Photo source: Artem Beliaikin

Don’t Buy Too Many Souvenirs

Buying many things as much as you want in a country you visit should be delightful. Moreover, it’s your first time to visit the country. It will arouse your desire to buy more and more stuff as a souvenir. But you have to count your budget first, so all your needs are covered well.


Everyone traveling on peak season Photo source: K hsu

Don’t Go During Peak Season

You must agree that the peak season is the ideal weather-wise to bring your family for an overseas trip. Besides the fantastic weather, most of the big special events in the country are held during peak season. Students off from school too. 

Basically most people all over the world will want to travel during this time which makes the demand high and end up more costly. All the prices hike up from the airfare, accommodations, and tourist destinations. 

So if you want to save your budget, avoiding peak season will have a significant impact on your finances. It is one of the essential travel budget tips ever. Let’s say you want to have the same weather and experiences as on peak season, travel a week before or a week after holidays. You will spend less money, but of course, with fewer crowds too. 

And if off-season is okay for you, it’s not a bad idea to travel with your family. It still has pleasant temperatures. There are many discounts starting from airfare, accommodations, and tourist destinations. It’s right for you who don’t like too many crowds for your holiday. Sure, you will save lots of dollars either. 


Indonesian dishes Photo source: Haryo Setyadi

Happy Tummy With Fewer Dollars

Eating like locals is the best answer on how to make your tummy happy without spending too much money. Eating where the locals eat is another travel budget tip. In Bali, you can find so many food stalls near tourist destinations called warung. Compared to expensive restaurants, warungs also provide delicious Indonesian dishes at lower prices. 

When you travel to a new country, tasting their local food will let you explore and experience more. Even though the taste of the cuisines is different from yours, it is worth trying. This could be a great story to tell once you are back from your trip.


All the travel budget tips that may help you to save your budget and have fun with your family abroad. Remember that everything needs lots of preparation, not only saving your money but also timing and anything else that could break your budget.