Pandemic Memories: Preserve Your Moments Easily

December 24, 2020

Time flies so fast. Unexpectedly we are at the end of the year of 2020 right now. Throughout 2020, most of our days are full of unexpected things caused by the covid-19 pandemic. A global health crisis around the world that also caused an economic crisis in some regions. Everything that we have been through for a year will be pandemic memories that we may remember in the future. 

Many people feel much pain and stressful because everything can’t run as usual as the previous time. Many agendas are canceled. People can’t go anywhere. Many things should be done at home. But there are also many lessons that we can get from this pandemic if we see from the other perspective. Now everything is getting better in the end of the year even though the virus has not disappeared yet. 

Although this year is a hard time for us, one day we might recall the moment and remember how we fought the Coronavirus and how we survived to stay alive amid the economic crisis. The pandemic memories will be a history in our lifetime. It will be something that we look at in a few years. Then, preserving our pandemic memories will help us to recall it again and make it a part of our history through these tips. 


Preserve Pandemic memories with a storytelling photo Photo source: Fernandoz Himinaicela

Storytelling Photos

Photos are the easiest and the most simple way to capture your pandemic memories this year. You don’t need a professional photographer to do this. You can do this by yourself and your family using your smartphone. You can capture any moment that you want to remember in the future. It can be your saddest moment like meeting your beloved family bordered by a window, it can be your funny moment, or even your grateful moments like celebrating a quarantine anniversary for the first time in life. If you have captured your moments from the beginning of the year, it will be even more good. 

After you choose some photos that you want to collect, then print it out. Write the date down on each photo to make it easier for you to remember each moment in the future. If you like, you can make scrapbooks. Put the photos on the scrapbooks, and write down a note under each photo that explains what you do and how you feel at that time. Craft your photos in scrapbooks will make your pandemic memories noticeable. 


Making videos Photo source: Mikael Bloomkvist

Video Makes Your Pandemic Memories Stay Alive

The other way to reminisce your pandemic memories is by creating a video documentary of your life in 2020. You can take videos of your own. Again, if you don’t have a particular camera to take videos of your moment, just use your smartphone. Take some videos of doing new activities to stay productive during quarantine. If you haven’t taken any video of your days in the past several months, you can utilize your photos. Those photos can be inserted to your videos. 

Make a scenario description for your video. Then, arrange your videos or photos, so it can be edited based on your description. Don’t forget to add music to your video to make it more alive. Save the softcopy and save it in a CD to make the hardcopy. 


Journaling to keep the moments Photo source: Carolyn

Journaling The Pandemic Memories

If you love writing down your thoughts and feelings, then journaling the pandemic memories is such a great idea. Journaling is a great way to pour out your emotions. Write down what you have faced, felt, and what you thought about it. By pouring your emotions into words, it can release your stress, emotions, and exhaustions. Journaling is also a good therapeutic after spending your time in front of screens all day long. It is an emotional reservoir that you can read whenever you want in the future. 


Perpetuate your health equipment Photo source: Tai’s capture

Perpetuate Healthcare Equipment

The other way to make your pandemic memories become more memorable is by perpetuating several stuff you use to survive during the Coronavirus pandemic. Those healthy gears can be a face mask, a face shield, hand gloves, and even a surgical gown or coverall (one -piece suit). You can put them in a big frame and display it in your house. To make it safer, use the new ones that you haven’t used at all. 

Those pandemic memories can be something that you can share to you next generation. But if immortalizing those pandemic memories is making you painful or bring your trauma out, then you don’t need to do this. Instead, to start your new year 2021, doing a vacation safely with family is an exciting thing that can heal your pain. Staying in luxurious villas amid the tropical jungle by Ubud Villas Rental can be an option if you want to lessen meeting people out there. Contact us for more information. Stay happy, stay healthy.