Tips For A Safe Road Trip Holiday

November 24, 2020

Road trips are exciting! It brings a lot of joy for those who experience it. Enjoying the every corner of the city or country you go along the way.

Another reason road trips are worth a try is Safety. By doing a self-drive on your trip, you can take your family members around the country and make sure that you guys are safe. A road trip holiday lets you go on vacation with those who live with you over the past several months, both family and friends. This not-so-new way of traveling helps you to go out and recharge energy with less contact with other people.

When a road trip holiday is your thing, well here are a complete safe road trip holiday tips that help you to escape with family safely. If you are a first-timer road-tripper, this is for you!

Covid-19 testing Photo source: Mufid Majnun

1. Make Sure You’re Healthy

The very first step that you have to do before going on a road trip holiday is making sure that your family and you are healthy. Do a self-quarantine with your family or your traveling companions for 14 days before you go. If not, do a covid-19 testing is recommended. If you are sick, don’t go. And don’t go with someone who is sick either.


Plan routes of the road trip holiday Photo source: Annie Spratt

2. Plan the Road Trip Routes

Plan the route! Determine which destinations that you want to visit during your trip. Set which roads that you will go through, what time you will set off, where you will take a break during heading up to one destination to the other ones.

Think about the unexpected things that might happen during your road trip, so it won’t surprise you later as you already anticipate earlier. Plan carefully as it will affect the other steps and preparations. 

Anyway, don’t forget to research all the destinations that you choose. Make sure the places are safe already and know the regulations you have to follow over there. 


A Car for your toad trip holiday Photo source: Oliur

3. Pay Attention to Your Car

As you are going to go all the way by your car, then pay attention to your car is critical. To take your family and you to the destinations safely, make sure all your car’s machines are still working great. Pack your car’s tools and spare tires in case there will be something wrong on the road. 

On the other side, you have to keep your car clean all day long to make you guys stay healthy and feel comfortable during your road trip holiday.  Additional tips that you may need to help you take a break well on your way is putting on car curtains and completing your car with neck pillows and heated blanket. In case you don’t have any car to use, renting a good one is not a bad idea. There are many car rentals that provide cars with good quality. 


Pack your needs Photo source: Denisse Leon

4. Pack Your Road Trip Holiday Needs 

Perhaps you need to bring extra goods for your road trip holiday rather than the usual trip. But it doesn’t mean you pack beyond the number. The packing part will depend on your plan. What to bring and how many? 

Basically, you need to pack clothes, personal ID, towels, tissue, toilet paper, and trash bags. Packing enough meals and drinks is highly recommended to lessen the intensity of stopping by the mini market and meeting other people. Don’t forget to bring your power bank or a car charger to keep your phone on, anyway. 


Bring healthy kits Photo source: Katie Harp

5. Oh, Don’t Forget The Healthy Kits!

Going on a road trip holiday nowadays, first aid kit is not the only one that you need to pack to keep your family and yourself safe. Moreover, you need to pack extra stuff like hand sanitizer, spare face mask, and gloves. You should wear a face mask whenever you are in a public spot. 

Washing your hands frequently is just as essential as wearing a face mask. Remember to practice social distancing with people who are not your entourage. Having enough sleep is the other thing that you have to do to keep being fit.


Vacation rental for road-trippers Photo source: Red Lotus Property

6. A Road Trips Needs A Vacation Rental Too!

If you plan to go to several places in several days which every place has a long distance to be taken, it’s even better to spend those nights in a vacation rental. Your family and you have to stay fit during the road trip holiday, so you can enter the destination that is already on your list. Moreover for you who drives your family to those destinations. But why stay in a vacation rental rather than in a hotel?

And don’t assume that you can book a vacation rental all of sudden. Still, you have to plan which vacation rental that you choose and make a book. It will save your time and energy a lot. So, before you go on a road trip holiday, it’s highly recommended to decide where to stay. Here are some exceptional villas for a family holiday to be considered. 

If by coincidence you put Bali on your list, spending your night to relax in Ubud is a good idea. Relaxing and Recharging your energy in the tranquil green paradise, enjoying your private spaces with family, and waking up in the stunning views and fresh air. Go find your private villas at Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property, book soon and stay later. 

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