Pack Less is Best for Retreat!

March 23, 2021

If you plan to go on a retreat and not sure what you need to pack for your retreat days, well here is a list of a retreat pack that you may consider to bring. You don’t need to bring all of that stuff. Bring some that you think you need based on your retreat type and retreat activities

1. Comfy Clothes

Daily outfit Photo source: Engin Ekyurt

  • Daily Outfit

Going on a retreat means you need more relaxation and hassle free. Then be simple and pack your casual clothes is highly recommended. You can wear those casual clothes when you enjoy your time at a retreat villa, strolling around the villa, and also when you are going to a healing spa. 


Pajamas Photo source: Kristina Petrick

  • Pajamas

Pajamas are what you need for your bedtime. Comfy pajamas will help you to sleep soundly and give good sleep qualities. It’s important to boost your good mood and your energy.


Pack Yoga outfit for retreat Photo source: Carl Barcelo

  • Yoga Outfit

If a yoga retreat is what you are going on, pack yoga clothes like leggings are a must. You may need to wear it almost everyday. So make sure you pack enough leggings that comfortably and easily absorb sweat. On the other hand, leggings are also comfortable for any activities, especially to enjoy your leisure. 

Don’t forget to bring shirts or tank tops for your top. If possible, pack tank tops that have completed bras is highly recommended as it is more practical and comfortable. In case you are short on clothes, you can bring it to the laundry in your villa retreat. 

Pack meditation outfit for retreat Photo source: Susanna Marsiglia

  • Meditation Outfit

No one wants to be distracted by anything while sitting down for a meditation class. All you need is to feel comfortable and focus on breathing. Therefore wearing the right clothes are essential. Loose-fitting sweatpants will support you to stay concentrated during your sitting for a certain time. Tight-fitting clothes like leggings do not always suit best for meditation because too tight clothes can make you discomfort and disturb your focus.

For the top, you just need to pack sweatshirts that fit you best. The key is you just need to pack both bottoms and tops that are comfortable, sweat-absorbing, and keep you cozy.


Swimsuit Photo source: Camila Cordeiro

  • Swimsuit

Another stuff that you need to pack is a swimsuit, if you love swimming. But actually not all retreat centres have a swimming pool. If they have, it used to be used for sharing with other retreaters that you don’t even know. But in retreat villas Ubud by Ubud Villas Rental, a private swimming pool facing the green tropical jungle is available in each villa. 


Waterproof clothes Photo source: Tatiana Rodriguez

  • Waterproof Clothes

If you’re going on a nature retreat, waterproof clothes are a must to pack. When you explore nature, rain can fall anytime. 


Pack enough underwear for retreat Photo source: Fahad Waseem

  • Underwear

Those yoga clothes, meditation clothes, and waterproof clothes are nothing without wearing your underwear. This is one of the important things to pack for retreat. Your comfort in doing retreat activities also depend on the comfy undies you wear. So don’t forget to pack it sufficiently.


Pack footwear for retreat Photo source: Matthew McBrayer

2. Foot Wear

  • Sandals or Flip Flop

Footgear that you may need when you’re strolling around the villa or even during enjoying your downtimes.

  • Socks

Protect your feet from the shoe’s friction that can make your feet chafed. Socks also warm your feet when you go to cooler spots. 

  • Shoes

Another footwear that you need when you are on the plane, exploring any destination, or on workout. You can pack any type of shoes that meet your need both casual daily shoes or sport shoes. Pack the one that is flexible for any activities. 

  • Boots

Packing boots for your retreat is optional. If you are going on a nature retreat. This stuff is essential for you. 


Retreat-pack enough toiletries Photo source: Charisse Kenion

3. Toiletries 

Actually you do not need to bring many toiletries when you decide to go on a retreat in Ubud Villas Rental’s villa by Red Lotus Property. The basic toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are available for you. You just need to pack several toiletries you may need and you can take it with you wherever you go. 

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Pack the mini one that is easy to bring and save you luggage’s space. 

  • Skincare

Don’t forget to pack your essential skincare to keep your skin clean, hydrated, and healthy. 

  • Daily Makeup

    If you think that you need makeup for your daily base, pack some that you can’t leave without. 


Retreat - pack hand sanitizer and face mask Photo source: Tai’s Capture

4. Additional Stuff

  • Hat and Sunglasses

If you plan to do outdoor activities like going to any destinations, trekking, hiking, or even walking around your villa retreat, then packing a hat and sunglasses is a need. 

  • Journal

If you love writing, pack your mini journal to write everything on your mind like what you are grateful for or a note of what you need to do after back from the retreat. 

  • Reusable Water Bottle

If you care about the environment around you, then packing a reusable water bottle is a great action. 

  • Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer

Since the emergence of Covid-19, it’s highly recommended to use and bring face masks and hand sanitizer to maintain your health. 

  • Madications

In case you suffer from any disease, pack your personal medical health. If not, pack your first aid-kits for anticipation.  

  • Contact lens or glasses

If you suffer from eye disorders like myopia, hyperopia, and cylinder, pack your contact lens or glasses to help your eyes work well during your retreat days. 

  • Healthy Snacks

Packing healthy snacks is needed if you love snacking and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Mobile Phone Charger

Staying in touch with your family is important even though you are going on a digital detox retreat. Packing your mobile phone charger is something you need. But if you think that staying connected with your family is a distraction, then you don’t have to. 

When you’re going on a retreat, pack less is the best. Don’t overpack. If it’s still confusing you, ask for advice to your significant other, especially if you go on a couple retreat. Therefore, you can get the optimal benefit of a retreat.