Top 3 Recommended Retreat Villa in Ubud!

April 8, 2021

Are you physically and mentally exhausted? All you need is a wellness retreat. Taking a full rest without any distractions. Relaxing, nurturing, and rejuvenating your soul, mind, and body. Bali is always on the list for those who look for a wellness retreat holiday, . 

Due to the Balinese life concept called Tri Hita Karana, Bali has become a spiritual house for those who seek for peacefulness. From self-purification, yoga, to the wellness spa, get all of them in Bali.

You may notice that Bali is crowded and busy everywhere already, but it’s still easy to find a place for a wellness retreat holiday away from the crowd. One of the trusted places is a wellness retreat villa in Ubud. If you question why retreaters choose Ubud, these great things from Ubud is the answer.

Choosing a villa for retreat gives incredible retreat benefits from the intimacy to the tranquility. Here is a list of retreat villas in Ubud with incredible space and views that suit any retreat activities


Retreat villa Ubud - Villa Atas Awan Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Villa Atas Awan

Imagine you’re experiencing a private wellness and retreat in a private villa located in a quiet place amid the lush tropical jungle and fields. Surrounded by green fields and face the stunning mountain views will give a genuine serenity. Villa Atas Awan not only provides a comfortable and quiet space, but also a private retreat package. This retreat villa Ubud is famous among yogis or those who want to learn deeper about yoga.

This retreat villa in Ubud affords a unique opportunity to refresh and nurture yourself. Just relax in these beautiful and serene spaces. Release all those exhausted, sad, and mad feelings. Forget all daily routines and everything on your head. Just reconnect with the inner you and the natural surroundings. The more reconnect with nature, the more peace you will feel inside. Feel free to choose a professional facilitation services or self-directed. Get the work-life balance here.

The architecture style of the two handcrafted buildings reflect the nature element which is creating a sense of well-being, enchanting yet so aesthetic that always boost mood and energy. The open-air of the building designs make the stunning greeneries become united with you. This villa suits any retreat type.


Villa Bayad Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Villa Bayad

When rolling a mat in your backyard doesn’t give a maximum result for mind and senses, then rolling a yoga mat in villa Bayad will work well for you. This retreat villa Ubud is designed for those who seek a restful and wellness place to escape. 

A stunning vast tropical garden with many kinds of local fruits and flower trees, streams that are carved to imitate the Bali tropical nature, ponds, and shrubs. In this garden, a bale is available on the top of two fish ponds which offers a clement and tranquil space for relaxation and meditation. Every time you inhale, you’re breathing in fresh air that completely refresh your body entirely. 

Retreat villa ubud Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Besides that, a yoga pavilion is available to roll a mat and enjoy the yoga movement. In case you need a yoga instructor, just ask the villa butler to find it for you. The mat and cushions are free to be used. Get the positive energy throughout yoga movements which combine with the green nature ambiance. Anyway, click here if you are not sure what to pack for retreat.

In this retreat villa Ubud a natural stone bathtub and an open-air waterfall style shower and massage beds are provided for your wellness treatment. Relax, pamper yourself with the massage therapy, enjoy the aromatherapy scene, and the beautiful views. 


Villa Kamaniiya is the luxury retreat villa Ubud Photo source: Red Lotus Property

Villa Kamaniiya

Is a luxury retreat holiday your thing? If so you are, then villa Kamaniiya won’t hurt you. Ubud is well-known as the centre of culture and spiritual things on the island. The great cultures, greeneries and the luxury of traditional and modernity merge into one. 

The terrace of this retreat villa in Ubud directly faces the allure of Ubud tropical forest. It will spoil your eyes and soul, till fall in love with it and hard to leave this place. Imagine doing a Yoga or meditation in the serenity and coolness green paradise of Bali. Pampering yourself in the spa inspired bathroom with a stone tub and overhead rain shower is another thing that should be done here. A jacuzzi and an outdoor bathing are also set up with a rustic shower to be laid-back and relaxed to relieve the muscle tension.

Swimming in the pool with Ubud tropical forest views to spend “me time” will brighten up your day. On the side of the swimming pool, there are two bedrooms in a tiered structure. The upper level bedroom has a smart en-suite bathroom plus its own terrace for added privacy. The smaller bedroom below is paneled entirely in dark timber to create a restful effect.

Living in a retreat villa Ubud for a wellness retreat will give the taste of living in paradise. Find more retreat villas in Ubud in Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Bali to experience the authentic peacefulness. Book right now and our team will be happy to arrange all you need for retreat.