Are The Retreat Benefits Worth Your Time and Money?

February 25, 2021

Been feeling exhausted, stressed, and depressed due to the busy daily life? Can’t sleep soundly, less energy, gain or lose weight, unhealthy condition, mood swing, and the other unhappiness feeling. You know that you need to take a rest and relax. 

You already take a rest at home and cut some daily activities, but you still feel the same. Exhausted and less energy. Your thoughts still run on. Planning a vacation is taking your time and energy. All you need is take a full rest without any distractions and calm your mind. Those where a wellness retreat comes up and become popular with the retreat benefits itself.  

A wellness retreat is moving back or withdrawing you from something in life. Moving back and pausing from the hectic daily routines and the hustle bustle of the city. A retreat creates a simplicity environment to reduce activities and concerns in a certain period of time. Instead, your daily activities will be replaced with retreat activities

Retreat is not the same as escape travel. The purpose of retreat is to make you focus on yourself and wellbeing. In addition, going on a wellness retreat can help you to eat healthy food, exercise, release stress, calm your mind, make you healthier and happier both  mentally and physically. Indeed, it boosts your mood for a long term. 

Want to try but not sure why go on a retreat and are the retreat benefits worth your time and money? Read on! Anyway, these retreat benefits depend on the retreat type you choose. 


Digital detox

Reduce technology addiction with Digital Detox

As a wellness retreat is set to help you get a full rest and focus on yourself without any distractions. Therefore, in many cases, the participants of a wellness retreat reduce the use of technology. Even in some wellness retreats, the participants don’t use any gadgets, computer, and Wi-Fi at all. They are totally in silence. 

The technology sophistication makes us addicted and can’t control ourselves to reduce use of it. The technology serves us with many interesting things that makes us keep on scrolling up and down. We know that addicted to technology is not good for our health, makes us stressed, and causes sleep problems. We just can’t control it! 

If those are what you have been experiencing, then you should try the digital detox in your wellness retreat. It sounds extreme and scary, but once you try it, you will feel the happiness and peace living without being addicted to technology. It also helps you to control yourself in using technology. It makes you healthier. 


 Healthy food Source: Jez Timms

Get Used to A Healthy Diet

Usually a wellness retreat offers a healthy food menu that nourish your body, detox and rejuvenate your body, and help you to get used to eating healthy food in your daily life. It is not a strict weight loss program. 

The healthy food menu offers gluten-free, dairy-free, and meat -free meals. It helps you to get your ideal weight, makes you happier, and healthier all day long.  


Retreat benefit - improve your health Photo source: Christopher Chambell

Retreat Benefits Improve your Health

Besides offering you a healthy food menu, a wellness retreat usually offers you yoga and meditation activities which are good for your health. A yoga retreat helps you to stretch your body, relieves muscle tension, and improves your bone position due to the daily activities. A yoga retreat also trains you to be focused and regulate your breathing to make your body and mind relax and fit. 

Instead, the meditation retreat will help you to quiet your mind, connect with nature, calm you down, and refresh your mind. It helps you to reduce stress and anxieties, and feel more grateful about every single thing you have in life. 

In addition, a wellness retreat takes place in a tranquil and away from the hustle bustle of life like these retreat villas Ubud. It helps you to slow down, pause on your hectic daily routine, and leave those burdens, anxieties and over thinking. 

Now you know why a wellness retreat could improve your health physically and mentally. These retreat benefits areF breaking your unhealthy routine for a certain time. 


Retreat benefit - making relax Photo source: Eli Defaria

Retreat Benefits Relax Your Mind and Body

The next benefit of joining a wellness retreat is relaxing your mind and body. Your mind needs to be relaxed and refreshed. Your body aches, muscle tensions, and blood pressure need a treatment to release all of them. This is what a wellness retreat gives to you through Spa (massage) retreat. 

Your days on retreat will not be complete without a spa retreat. Massage is used to be a series of retreat activities that help you to get a maximum result of doing a retreat. A spa (massage) retreat has so many benefits for those who experience it. 

Your body will feel relaxed and light. Your mind will feel more refreshed and restful. All your burdens and pain will disappear. Get a new mood. It totally rejuvenates your body both inside and outside. Get to know more about the benefit of Spa retreat and if you really need it by reading this Spa retreat. 


Retreat benefit - Help to see another perspective Photo source: Jose Chomali

See The Other Life Perspectives 

Joining a wellness retreat will give you a chance to get a new perspective of life. Doing new healthy routines in a new environment and meeting new people around you will open your mind about many things in life. Especially when you are sharing with your retreat tutor. You will get a new perspective about life through what you have been before or even learn new things from others experiences. 

Those are some retreat benefits for your mental and physical health by joining a retreat. You can choose to do a retreat alone, with friends, family, or with your partner for a couple retreat. No matter with whomever you do a retreat, Ubud Villas Rental by Red Lotus Property will always be ready to prepare everything you want and need. Just tell the villa butler, and enjoy your retreat.